25 home decor color combinations

Sugarplum pink with turquoise and green! Summer is the season of ‘madness’ where stray from the mainstream, rejuvenate and get power for the autumn. The area of ​​the home or cottage is the perfect place to start. Whether big changes, either small or your mood will turn in the right direction. We suggest you try for example a bright sofa, a stunning shade on the wall, a colorful painting and more. Small details color never missing and help a good balance in space.
TIP1: the lounge is a good case for these proposals, if you’re ready for tension in your life! A
TIP2: with pink and green suggest small yellow accents to decorative pillows and a utility cabinet – for example, the middle of the living room table.

Intense blue, turquoise or beloved color of mint! Where? Whichever space inspires you – whether it’s in the living room with the application of color in furniture sofa, or in the bathroom with wall covering floors. Infinite ideas will undoubtedly prepare you positive about the new changes you need. If you do not want to buy a new sofa or change all of your bathroom very easily you can achieve a similar result: for example to cover your sofa with a soft Throw turquoise color and fill the scene with nice cushions, as in the bathroom to choose a shower curtain with turquoise color and of course to finish decorating with towels, soaps and small items in the same tone with the curtain.
Outside the house blue and turquoise color options are ideal as they look like an extension of the sea and sky! Wooden outdoor furniture combined with white wooden chairs or bench turquoise color point having as background the blue sea and the green of the trees. A good idea is to place on the terrace or in the garden a wooden white cot and shading to fasten over a large handkerchief painted – type Ombre – with white and turquoise. Naturally colorful cushions make use of the swing even more comfortable and decorating the summer even more!

Blue with orange! Totally summery combination emits positive energy while serenity. The blue belongs to the cool colors – represents the sea and the sky and the orange belongs in warm colors – represents the sun. These two tones together create the perfect balance between hot and cold, energy and peace. I highly recommend it especially if the home for families with children. Complete the décor with fabrics and utilitarian objects – such as striped rugs, chintz cushions, bamboo coffee tables and more.
TIP1: try colors on the walls and on the furniture!
TIP2: yellow in small doses is the perfect tightrope between the blue and orange!
Basic yellow color option! Chipmunks may be encountered fuchsia, light blue, turquoise, pink, green, light green. A tip regarding the combination of colors: it is good to move always in a color palette of up to three different shades. I.e. select a basic color that is the dominant and then create a game with two even in less quantity. A neutral color always helps balance the other, as does the white on the above proposals.

Fiery red – the color of the sunset! For the adventurous apply on the walls along with white-washed the furniture and the ceiling. And if you are interested in the exterior of the house, a wooden table in a dark shade will enliven with chairs painted in red and green as possible. A riot of colors that balance nicely between them!
TIP: to emphasize that white is an essential element in all summer combinations recommend – large or small amount – depending each time the style we want to achieve.
Shades of Pink! Other more intense as fuchsia and other milder as the rotten apple. Colors that match with the above is the yellow, green and blue. Be careful with fuchsia combine bright yellow or green for example, while the rotten apple calmer tones of yellow and green, like lemon and pistachio. Depending on the effect you want – intense or calm – Sequences and their respective combinations.

TIP: Experiment with fabrics together, plain and printed!

Finally, lilac, very feminine color romantic and summery! Along with fuchsia and white to create a soothing and romantic atmosphere while at home either internally or externally. For small changes while testing prototypes to apply this combination using screen fabric with striped fabric and wooden frame. Retro style, perfect for the cottage!


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