Kitchens with a touch of color

We strongly believe in the power and magic of colors. They do wonders when it comes to organizing an extension, but especially to repaint. A touch of color is welcome in any room, even in your kitchen, considered until now only a functional space and as well. kitchen_color_idea Along with the “emancipation” of the kitchen, as we like to call it, has become a process developed especially aesthetically.’s True that all kitchens are equipped with appliances, worktops and tables, but the look matters as much as their functionality. Moreover , the trends are more and more extravagant in terms of colors, so we are on the right track. In addition, the modern lifestyle, minimalist design, go “hand in hand” with the exuberant colors. kitchen_color_idea (2) The kitchens in the gallery below are proof that a kitchen can be elegant, chic, edgy, etc.. The only risk is when it comes to them and when they use excessive colors. You must always keep in mind the three main aspects: furniture, finishes and accessories. Only two of them can be the same way, following the other category to remain neutral or white to create a proper balance. Another tip is to take into consideration and the kitchen area, kitchen_color_idea (3) he degree of brightness and color intensity. For example, a mobile kitchen red might be “too much” in a small space. When the surface is large, it is Use color-coding and more extreme, such as turquoise, mauve, pink, and white walls and keep the windows “discoveries.” Do not forget the accessories. They are the least expensive, and their presence will change the image of the kitchen. kitchen_color_idea (4) kitchen_color_idea (5) kitchen_color_idea (6) kitchen_color_idea (7)


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