The bathroom as a living space

The bathroom, like the kitchen, in recent years has exceeded the strictly functional status is reaching more and more towards relaxation and wellness area, a trend that we really like, we must recognize.


In a generous bathroom we can also talk about areas with seating, as well as a sofa or armchairs. There may perform the ritual, you can flip through the pages of a magazine, while preparing a bath full of foam and aromatic oils or you can relax rhythms budha bar. Ensure that you have natural plants inside, but also organic materials such as bamboo.

bathroom_living_space (2)

Bathroom as a living space can be decorated like the other rooms. Rugs from different fabrics, chandeliers, floor lamps, screens, curtains and everything you want can be introduced successfully into “spa” at home. A new element, in particular for bathrooms is rustic fireplace. It can be electric, gas, or even wood, depending on the system that can be installed, in particular when speaking of the budget.

bathroom_living_space (3) bathroom_living_space (4) bathroom_living_space (5)


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