Colored stair runners

Colored stair runners

The stair runners are a wonderful method by which to the floor comfortably and warmly can hold. But sometimes they feel a little too formal. How can you come out of the situation? You can put on for the usual, for painted stair runners are instead.

They create the illusion of a runner, but the look is much more formal. The design options are unlimited as you can imagine.

Surely this is not the ideal solution for everyone. I personally would not recommend it as the combination with a submerged marble interior. However, they are wonderful for a traditional transitional apartment, an apartment or a country-style haven for the holidays.

The stairs in the picture had previously a pink plush carpet. The house owner Debbie Christianson has done away with the carpet, painted the stairs in white and has included this blue-gray carpet.

The new look of the stairs is much more elegant and dignified

278d3  gef%C3%A4rbte treppenl%C3%A4ufer elegant in wei%C3%9F und grau

I love the color and the way in which the rotor is inserted into a frame. This is certainly something unexpected!

Tips for a uniform appearance: Before you start with the painting, you should use the solution cher feel with wood and sand the surface smooth. Now you should use primer if the surface has not been painted.

Treads and risers in black and white are covered with grass a green runner. Its color in accordance with the photo frame is.

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278d3  gef%C3%A4rbte treppenl%C3%A4ufer grasgr%C3%BCn und schwarzwei%C3%9Fe fotos

Tip: Leave in this case about 10 inches on the side. Enlarge this edge surface for stairs that are wider than normal.

A painted brown runner completes the atmosphere in this room with blue walls. Their designer is Sarah Farrell. It has a tighter border in gray-green color.

It has, for the transition between the white wall and the dark runners

278d3  gef%C3%A4rbte treppenl%C3%A4ufer wendeltreppe in dukelbraun

Tip: To achieve really good results, you should use a color that is specifically designed for floors. Depending on the color you would probably have to apply several layers.

In this Minneapolis house every feeling disappears, that you move downwards – from TreHus Architects 

278d3  gef%C3%A4rbte treppenl%C3%A4ufer bunte pastellfarbene streifen

Contributing to the strips. Secure clean corners. This can work out based on the painter’;s tapes. Do not let the color, slipping under the belt. You must apply a bit of color at the corners. To these abdich8.

Words, the stair carpet can appear more interesting

0d886  gef%C3%A4rbte treppenl%C3%A4ufer in hellen nuancen mit sch%C3%B6nen beschriftungen

Do you worry that you will fall down the stairs? There are ingredients that are non-slip and can be mixed with the paint. So you will achieve better traction.

If you have no desire to words? Then drag individual letters into consideration. To keep the results of your work, you should cover them with 2 or 3 layers of polyurethane.

Otherwise, the running will destroy the whole

0d886  gef%C3%A4rbte treppenl%C3%A4ufer kunstvoll und modern

Here we see an example where you have instead of letters, painted number

0d886  gef%C3%A4rbte treppenl%C3%A4ufer in limettengr%C3%BCn mit ziffern

Tips: Achieving a picturesque project may take up to a few days. Make sure that you have an alternative way for this time done safely. If you just paint the center, you can just place the Sei8.

You can apply at the center rather than the color on the sides. So you have realized this project here. Wonderful, right? Let the stairs at least 24 hours to dry.

Did you enjoy the atmosphere lacking in your stairwell? This can now be changed by the painted stair runner. We wish you lots of fun.

0d886  gef%C3%A4rbte treppenl%C3%A4ufer nautisch aus dunklem holz

Colored stair runners


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