Telescopic covers and automatic covers, the future comes into our labor pools

We all know that summer is over and coming rainy days and cold, but that does not mean we can not go swimming in the pool . The important thing is that this este’;bien conditioned and well heated with water so we can enjoy swimming almost year round.

In Abrisud know that those want to take advantage of swimming in all seasons and so try to propose innovative solutions to help them get it. This year Abrisud launches 2 new models high tech in their decks for residential pools: Abrisud telescopic cover and automatic cover . These developments will be presented at the International Swimming Pool of Barcelona in October 2013.

New indoor pool telescopic Abrisud

534bd  abrisud 1

The new model Abrisud motorized telescopic cover is characterized by a form of inverted telescope. Advocates a curved line structure that creates an open space between the water and roof of the cover. So lets enjoy swimming pool even fully protected while enjoying the views from the terrace or garden while swimming.

One of the most important developments of this design is that it is the first deck of the market without rails. Its mobile structure fixed to the ground by a magnet system which provides extra security in case of strong winds or storms. The modules are moved together, without blocking the same speed in the same way that drops a telescope.

211db  abrisud 2

This new model has 6 patents among which a few small solar panels located on the first module and a ventilation system and a lighting system with lateral LED s allowing also enjoy swimming at dusk or at night. Here you have the list of the 6 patent:

  • Design inverted telescope shaped
  • Displacement without rails
  • Magnetic attachment module cover
  • Solar panels to power the engine
  • Automatic ventilation system that works with plate Solar
  • Ascending Fronton easy to use
  • Side lighting with LED s

Covers Automatic pool Abrisud

78043  abrisud 4

On the other hand we have the Abrisud Automatic cover design is high tech product of more than 3 years of development in R & D and several patents. This cover to cover and release the bathing area in a simple and reliable, thanks to a solar powered motor.

The Automatic cover features a textile membrane, tense, discreet, slimline and ultra, clothing pool to create a bubble of air so air-conditioning water naturally . The pool is fully protected and prevents stress or strain accumulates dirt rain. Unlike telescopic cover prevents us swim with the pool closed, but represents a significant savings in maintenance.

20349  abrisud 5

With this new design, the owner of a pool can protect it in less than a minute, about 45 seconds for a 10-meter pool, with the same care that your child clothes before sleep it.

So explains Fabrice Villa , codirector of Abrisud Iberian operation. It is also interesting that this pool deck design is available in 6 colors , gray, sand, blue or royal caribbean, black and green, so we can choose the tone that we like and that can be more decorative in our garden.

Telescopic covers and automatic covers, the future comes into our labor pools


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