TV set design ideas

The television is one of the most important asset for most living rooms. Often devices such as foreign bodies that do not quite fit the room look. But there are many ways, the area around the TV into a real eye-catcher to make. With a proper backlight They not only create a better TV picture, you can turn your living room into a true home theater.

Create atmosphere with a backlight

c74ab  fernseher mit hintergrundbeleuchtung

To attract attention to the TV is a LED backlight . Fits to the TV, you can use various light effects. Red light is for example ideal for a romantic atmosphere with soulful blue lighting can Liebesromanzen.Eine nature films appear more radiant

For football fans a green backlight enhances the live experience

c74ab  fernseher f%C3%BCr interaktives gef%C3%BChl

Running an exciting show with music in the program, effects in bright colors can einschal8. Thus, the backlight is always tuned to the current program and ensures a true cinematic experience in your living room.

32082  fernseher neben dem kamin

Dimmed light as a catcher in the room

Backlights for the TV come with a remote control. This allows you to dim the light or change the color, so always create new moods during a broadcast.

Even if the TV is off, can use the backlight

32082  fernseher multimedia anlage

On stand-by – pleasant light

32082  fernseher azur blauer bildschirm

A minimalist piece of art

32082  fernseher strahlend wei%C3%9Fer bildschirm

Through subtle color change, you can program the remote control, your living room is lit indirectly. The colors of the light bathes the room in a soft light and makes the space around the TV for an extra eye-catching.

Living a party can be brought by a rapid color change in real festive mood

32082  fernseher eleganter kamin wei%C3%9F verputzt

Good for the eyes

A use for the TV backlight , is useful not only because of the visual effects. According to research, the TV picture with a backlight appears sharper and less tiring for the eyes. The glare is much less when the TV receives additional light from behind. The installation of the backlight is easy. You can discretely behind the TV or shelves.

32082  fernseher natursteine wand

TV set design ideas


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