A micro apartment in Seattle of 17 square meters

Actually according to its creator, Steve Sauer, this housing Seattle is not a micro apartment , but a flat peak, for those who do not know I will tell you that peak is one millionth of micro. What the author intended to highlight his work is that it is really small, only 6teen meters square in area.

Like many times the use of available space used up passes, fails to work in 2-dimensional distribution must think in 3D environments can be organized almost in layers . Ten years Sauer has been working in this space to make it a livable place that does not lack detail.

0a51b  Seattle Micro Apartment Steve Saur 3 600x800

The bed is on a mezzanine course , the end of the day is the least used during the day. That’;s why in homes in which there is very little space, which serves as a bedroom is the most difficult to access area.

In this case there are actually several levels, not just 2. The property is located in a basement, so the window from inside seems high is actually up to the sidewalk. The views are not great, but at least the window allows light to enter naturally and that really is important and can be exploited even to create a reading corner with her.

1f003  Seattle Micro Apartment Steve Saur 1

With so small the house is fully functional and is only meant to be inhabited by a person, but also for entertaining. On the kitchen table or dining room , depending on how you look, fit up to 6 people and the kitchen can prepare lunch or dinner for visits without problem.

The ensuite bathroom is at the back of the kitchen, in the pictures is not seen, but in the video I show you below. So is isolated from the rest and has the intimacy necessary to form exclusively in the space.

The storage is also very well organized so that we can keep the house comfortably and practice everything that we need. In a place so small you have to plan better before you start saving things, but the general idea is the same as in larger homes. You have to put hand over what we use most often and what can be used less in areas of difficult access.

Surely many of you to see the images already guessed that much of the furniture and kitchen parts, manufactured in wood, are from IKEA . Besides posing moderate expenditure are easily customizable, you can cut and fit to measures of an apartment so small and capricious as this, so the owner has chosen the.

A micro apartment in Seattle of 17 square meters


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