Natural Touches in Modern Kitchen

modern style cuisine noted for the materials and design of the elements that constitute it. In this case we have added a natural touches that add vitality, but a note of color, and a dose of personality.

An ambient current dominated by clean, simple lines, materials that provide a sense visual cold can create a space look somewhat soulless. To avoid this and add to inner character, is that we can bet on simple details.

In this case the white is the star in the color scheme, brightness and brings a cleansing effect and order, the polished concrete floor also adds shine and seal of modernity. Uniform surfaces is a contributing element to compose a contemporary style. Whilst a color supply is achieved with lighting chosen for the area of the island center .2 important dimensions lamps, become a focal point of the decor, made ​​of plant tissues , add warmth, practicality and ease to the whole.

a4d3f  cocina moderna2

Natural Touches in Modern Kitchen


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