Open doors: a small Swedish apartment that lacks a detail

We always like to see the positive side of things, and in the world of interior decoration and could not be different. That’;s why the scarcity of meters of a house we see a great opportunity to start your imagination and start thinking thoughts that allow live those few meters with comfort, but still with decorative details.

Perhaps it was for this reason that this small apartment Swedish to not missing a detail we have fallen in love at first sight. We would not know to tell you exactly how many meters available but no doubt is left, yet has managed to make a proper distribution of the elements and accompanied by a lovely Nordic décor.

24fb6  comedor sueco

We started our visit to this small apartment which is Swedish for the main room and large , the living-dining-kitchen. Indeed, as you read in this room are united the living room, dining room and kitchen .

At first sight you have seen a beautiful wooden floor, but if you look more closely you will see that there is a union of different soils under the dining table. This certainly indicates that once the kitchen was separated by a wall, but it was decided to unify all available room.

Perhaps we would have chosen to leave that wall to isolate the kitchen and have arranged a table lift on the couch, to do as a table to eat. In this case have decided to do without the comfort of having a separate kitchen after having a beautiful dining table , chairs and beautiful Eames , everything must be said, it is also a very good idea.

24fb6  salon sueco 1

Other than that little detail, and focusing on the decor, we can see that, as usual in most Nordic-style homes, the point is the simplicity and purity of white , dotted with some decorative details, such as plants or pictures.

Regarding the kitchen, whose photograph heads this article, it is just a line of modules, but still quite well resolved in order to have all the amenities. We thought it was tremendously successful you have chosen the white for furniture , as well pass very unnoticed, something important to be so visible in the living room.

ab5a7  dormitorio sueco 1

Our next stop on this tour is the bedroom, the worst stay resolved this little apartment . And, as you can see, the bed is virtually “embedded” in the room. The truth is that visually, along with shelving and light penetration, is interesting but does not seem the best solution, you do not know what you look like.

ab5a7  vestidor

At least it seems that if there was room for a small dressing-fortunately-, and a few small shelves Ikea drawer, on which also a mirror is arranged in horizontal format with a nice classic frame . This is the detail that we liked the bedroom, no doubt.

Open doors: a small Swedish apartment that lacks a detail


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