Welcome your guests in an original way by putting a “Hello” in your hall

A couple of days ago I had the hangers Funny shaped cloud Tea Pea design studio . But I kept wanting to talk about the beautiful label Hello Signs , a piece very much in line with the perches, and like them is a simple piece that will give life to your walls.

Its design is inspired by the neon signs of old shops, in this case we have adapted and properly painted steel so that you can put both outside and in the inside . In this case you need to put a “Hello” in your receiver , it will be great to welcome your guests, a form fun and Original entering house .

3a38a  Hello signs tea pea 8

3a38a  650 1000 Hello signs tea pea 7

Tea Pea is a studio formed by a marriage of industrial designers where they design, produce and sell their own creations, a shop full of beautiful children and beautiful decorative pieces for your home . As the study itself: “make beautiful things and cater to your family and your home. We create beautiful, colorful and ú tiles ”.

Following his philosophy, the label is so cute Hello Signs that fits any space, other possible and original ways of putting it are on the wall of the head of the bed, leaning against the bookcase unit where you have the phone, and even your garden which would give a touch of Color .

Speaking of colors, this piece is available in 4 colors, yellow, blue , red and turquoise with a glossy finish , has holes so that it can attach to the wall, and its dimensions are 50cm x 85cm, the perfect size for many space. Its price is 128 Euros plus shipping, you can buy from your own shop Online .

You can get different looks depending on the wall color you choose , give it a more feminine or romantic, as the image that opens the post , where he stands atop a rustic furniture as still life, with soft pastels. Or you can get a more modern and industry as the pictures below, choosing brighter colors and a wall of bricks or cement.Also perfect to put in a store, bar or restaurant, store or in your studio, an original and beautiful way to welcome your customers.

3a38a  650 1000 Hello signs tea pea 4

Other options very beautiful place this piece is to use it as a sculpture on the floor leaning against the wall or hung from the ceiling, if you have ceilings high . Also you can have in a group, as shown in the image. And if you’;re very hands you can do it yourself with thick wire, takes to customize the welcome sentence in different words. A very nice solution is to make the names of your children for their room.

Leave it in its original color if you are looking for a look more industrial and vintage or pastels or paint it white for a more feminine decor , or in bright colors for a modern and cosmopolitan home. Also you can cover with thread, yarn, or string in natural colors for a touch nature and rustic to your walls. Anyway, as you see there are many possibilities.

Welcome your guests in an original way by putting a “Hello” in your hall


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