A vintage rustic garden this fall

From the designer Hans Blomquist comes this evocative styling, a garden of rustic vintage this fall with a touch surreal . look very cozy, perfect for a celebration or party, is perfect to enjoy these last few days of good weather, even when it starts to cool down.

As I propose that Hans makes decorating your garden, terrace or gallery so still life decorative styles mixing from industrial parts, such as letters of signs or chrome baskets to Provencal beauty lingerie very textured linens, country style to accessories and female, as decorative pieces of antique or antique books.

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To achieve this you need a linen lingerie based rustic cushions and tablecloths, curtains adds a decorative way to create an intimate and relaxing. A delicate dishes, simple classic porcelain or pewter tableware setting Falcon Enamelware , nickel silver cutlery and glassware vintage , all female lines and simple, will be perfect for this look.

The table accessories, bowls and trays, which are made ​​of wood or rustic look matte chrome or Industrial old . As for the furniture, ideally a rustic wooden table, as we saw in Add a natural touch to the table this fall and recycled wooden boxes as table, stack them, will be a perfect place to put all that not fit on the table.

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We seek diversity and mix, the perfect pieces to contrast with the wooden table are industrial-looking seats , the Tolix chairs would be ideal, although another very valid option would be to mix chairs different styles and materials, or put a wooden bench or metal finally added some pillows or blankets on the chairs, will give warmth.

To illuminate this environment it would be best a chandelier , but if it can not be any industrial lamp hanging from a branch will be great. Another idea the original is put on the table a lamp luxo type. How fitting a swing made ​​from rope and wood with lots of cushions and blankets, perfect for autumn nap, this link explains how to doa good idea: a swing in a tree .

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The color palette is limited, but you can add as many nuances how you want, ocher, gray or black metallic with a little green and a bright note, as in the photos. How to add finishing touch plants look delicate and romantic, like ferns or aspidistras, and if you put a bunch of flowers that looks wild, with small white flowers.

The texture and the defect are beautiful, exploits these 2 concepts which can, as we did in Add texture to your walls and defects . The challenge is to decorate the outside as if it were inside , as a French dining, like you’;re creating the perfect still life. If anyone is encouraged and does send me photos, I’;d love to see it!.

A vintage rustic garden this fall


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