The apartment is in the style of pop art

Today we would like to talk about Pop Art style design intereera. For example, we have chosen a very bright and distinctive design-apartment project from the architect Dmitry Pike . It combines all the basic features characteristic of pop art style.

The apartment is in the style of pop art

To best describe them, make a little history, and explain the emergence of pop art style. Literally, the title translates as “popular art” and “popular culture» (popular art). For the first time it was used the English critic Lawrence Elloue in 1966, relative to the work of one of the first artists of Pop Art, Richard Hamilton. The best-known representatives of this art movement was Andy Warhol, Richard Hamilton, Roy Lichtenstein and others.

The main stylistic features pop art can be called reproduction and printing of images of popular culture and media. The use of images and forms of well-known products of mass production. The interior of this is reflected using large, contrasting images on the walls. Just as in painting pop art, applied to the interior bright, open colors, which are opposed to each other rather than harmony.As a background color, most often appears black and white palette. The floors and ceilings are made ​​either neutral or attracting attention. Of all the surfaces of the room stand out with bright colors 2, 3. The rest are neutral.
The interior in the style of art in the important role played by furniture and decor. They also need to attract the attention of the eccentricity: the big photo-portraits of famous people and characters on the walls, furniture, bright colors and unusual shapes, abstract sculptures and Cartier, unusual decoration materials – all of which should have an explosive effect on the viewer.And so the interior is not provided tiring activities in the interior to highlight the area with cool tones.

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The apartment is in the style of pop art


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