Airy interior with kitchen remodeling

If any of you have been in London recently and visited the Tate Modern , you may have seen the installation of Do Ho Suh called ‘Staircase- III ’;,. A decorative and functional ladder suspended between the floor and ceiling in a gallery but not thought to climb anywhere.

However staircase and nonfunctional art can inspire one that will serve to access the flat top of a house. Diapo prescisamente have commissioned one so and have had to think like place and what should be the materials of construction for the ladder is comfortable and safe.

ecf09  amazing bespoke red hot perforated steel suspended staircase diapo 4 material thumb 630x370 17299

The stairs are hung from the top floor and do not reach the floor below, this is one of the most curious details of the installation, along with the Color Red that helps original stairs so how are you with the role that they corresponds.

The materials chosen is perforated steel mesh . After weighing pros and cons of each other this material was chosen for being both strong and light and because it allows light circulation naturally through the perforations. Really, despite being functional now, the staircase is as artistic as the original of the Tate Modern.

Airy interior with kitchen remodeling


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