Floor covering for a child’s room

On the floor rebyatnya spends a lot of time, and therefore the choice of flooring in the children’;s room to go thoroughly. It should be warm to the touch and the most environmentally friendly. In this case, are very important resistance to wear and easy to care for.

Floor covering for a childs room


Perhaps this is the most unacceptable coverage for a child’;s room, as it is most often artificial and is a great dust collector. However, the latter issue can be handled by regular cleaning of a powerful vacuum cleaner. If the choice fell on the carpet, as the relatively soft and warm covering, should be selected such that the nap he had a short and tough.

Ideal – linoleum, but the PVC coating is cheaper, but because it is used more of8. The main thing that it was a well-known manufacturer products. The top coating layer (the one with the picture) should be as thick that it can withstand the active children’;s games. Total thickness linoleum must not be less than 3 mm.


This type of coverage is quite resistant to abrasion, but the place docking panes are afraid of moisture. However, if the child “went to the floor,” or spilled juice, then quickly assembled a pool will not create problems. In extreme cases, when installing panels can brush them with the edge of a special sealant.

Laminate is mainly made of natural materials (base – MDF panel), so that it can be called environmentally friendly. However, the surface of the panel is solid, but because the number of bumps and bruises beloved child may be crammed with more than covers, which were discussed above.

Parquet and flooring

Practically harmless floor – wood, but here the problem abrasions no less relevant than laminate. After all, wood – a material is also quite dense. Plasma does not like moisture, but because it is covered immediately after the installation of oil or varnish.

Wooden boards are impregnated with plant vlagoottalkivayuschey composition, but the edges of boards is desirable during installation fluff sealant as a laminate.


It is harmless and safe natural cork flooring. In addition, it is soft and warm to the touch, and keep it clean snap. So if financial resources allow, cork flooring for a child’;s room – this is probably the best option.

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Floor covering for a child’s room


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