How to decorate the ceiling?

When designing the room, not least given the ceiling finish. Many people already fed up over the head of a white flat surface, the center of which hangs a chandelier unpretentious. Today, the market is enough material and technology, with which you can radically transform any ceiling. On the most popular methods are discussed in this publication.

decorate the ceiling

Staining the ceiling


This classic way to clean up the home of the sky is still in great demand. If the ceiling was once aligned, in the course of the regular maintenance on it only need to update the paint. To cope with this kind of work can any. In addition, optional cover his usual white vodoemulsionku. If desired, the ceiling can be used as an artist’;s canvas. The main thing is to have patience and paint the desired color shade.



But if the ceiling is made up of crooked stacked slabs painted ceiling will not look very aesthetically pleasing, there will have to tinker. Usually in such cases apply the plaster, and then as a final layer of filler used. Only when the ceiling will be aligned, start staining. If the differences are large, then leveling plaster cost is quite expensive and time consuming. In addition, all this will be accompanied by dust and dirt. In this case it is better to build a false ceiling, such as gypsum board.

Boarded structure or plasterboard ceilings


The advantages of suspended ceilings enough. They not only allow the foundation to hide any defects, but also to mask the various utilities. After wetting drywall becomes pliable, so old flat ceiling can be turned into a fancy embossed design.

Base suspended ceilings – frame of metal profiles in combination with various fasteners. When creating a multi-level ceiling suspension and use special connectors, hangers and other items that allow you to create the desired shape design.

Of course, each new architectural concept and design of any bar will lead to additional costs. Therefore, the most simple, affordable and fast option – flat plasterboard ceiling, which after assembly, joint compound and primer paint or wallpaper paste over.

Creating a suspended ceilings, especially multi-level, can be time consuming and will be accompanied by dust. This can be avoided if you order the so-called suspended ceiling.

Stretch ceilings

A worthy alternative to all types of finishes – suspended ceiling . This design consists of 2 main elements: a special frame (baguette) and a thin PVC film. The frame is collected from the plastic profiles. They secured the perimeter of the room to the walls a few inches below the rough ceiling. Then, the heated film is tensioned profiles, which after cooling forms a smooth surface. Installation typically takes several hours and accompanied by a minimum of noise and dust. Finished design is not afraid of water and minor shrinkage of the building.

Cover the extra paint or wallpaper the film did not need to, because she is a complete decorative pieces. Any company will offer customers a film with a mass of colors and textures. You can even paint or decorative painting patterning method of printing.

The high elasticity of the film allows you to create from it arched, domed, vaulted and multi-level structure. So here is where to run wild flight of imagination of the customer. Of course, all of this he will have to pay out of pocket.

Minuses of suspended ceilings bit. The thin film is afraid of cuts and punctures. Minor damage can be corrected by applying a patch (you have to call the master), and with serious damage to the film completely changed. Another negative – the possibility to operate only at zero temperature, so that for an unheated cottages will have to find another way to finish.

Rack and pinion system


The base rack ceiling – narrow aluminum panels with upturned edges of the thickness of only 0.5 mm. Their length is typically 4 m, a width – 10, 15, 20 cm

The panels were on the ceiling, it is fixed on the first level of support profile-size fits all. If the base is not very smooth, comb attached to the hangers are aligned horizontally and then fix it in aluminum panels with latches.

Suspended ceilings in the interior living spaces are rarely used. Most likely, many do not like excess “banding” the finished coating. But they have already proven themselves in bathrooms and kitchens. The fact that the panels are not afraid of moisture and low temperatures do not cause trouble in cleaning: they can be washed any cleaner.

Reiki can be matte and glossy, smooth and textured. If desired, you can apply for a mirror finish and chrome panel or imitation bronze and gold. As an added decor often use a thin decorative slats, which are inserted between the main panels.

Because of the small thickness of the aluminum panels require careful handling. With a little effort, they can accidentally bend or dent will be evident. To replace a damaged item will have to remove all vperedistoyaschego rail.

Of course, this is not all kinds of finishing the ceiling. But the more rare ways, I think I will consider later, stopping at them in more detail.

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How to decorate the ceiling?


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