Original solutions – partitions in the apartment

Very often want to do something that would give a certain charm to the interior, and you can use the original solutions – walls in the apartment .

Decorative partitions are capable of playing multiple roles and serve as decoration for the interior, and for the separation space of the room into different zones.

Partitions can be set at a time when there is a construction of the building itself. In this case, they can not be arbitrarily demolish and make openings in them, as, for example, the demolition of partitions, which is between the floor and ceiling as thrust, could face a sagging ceiling.

partitions in the apartment

Decorative same partition in the apartment did not have doorways and can very often be isolated from the other walls. They can be high, to the ceiling, and low. They are produced, usually made of plasterboard, but also for their manufacture can be applied bricks or wood.

Partitions are used for zoning Improvement may be both stationary and transforming, i.e. they can be transferred from one place to another.

The simplest solution to the zoning of the space in the apartment – setting screens. They can be transparent and is made of glass and the blind from an opaque material.

With the partition made of the so-called straw can divide the space in the living area separated from the rest zone, in which, for example, can be set dresser. This construction will transmit light well, and at the same time hide from the eyes of others that they should not be seen.

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Original solutions – partitions in the apartment


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