Plastic boxes can be your greatest allies in organizing the storage

Pixxel%20Curver naranja

Many of us when autumn comes, enjoying this moment wardrobe change, we are given for ordering. After spending all summer soiree to soiree and thoroughly enjoying the holidays, the house needs a tune and you have to put some order in the rooms , baskets and boxes are our great allies at this time.

The plastic boxes are very practical especially for many things. Sturdy and easy to clean and these 2 features are very important. On the one hand ensure that we keep things in their inner will be well protected and that even if we wait for another time to worry about them, with a damp cloth can have them as new.

Pixxel%20Curver cafe

The boxes that we can see in the photos of this article are Pixxel collection, the new line Curver management . His name is related to small dots that decorate folding lids. Signature intention has been to create a versatile to suit the needs of all family members.

Pixxel%20Curver verde

Specifically, the collection is comprised of 2 models , a box thirty liter capacity and a twelve. One of the salient features Pixxel boxes is the cover, which is very practical because it wastes space. The cover consists of 2 integrated folding hinged lid and containing an opening to pass a loop or wire binder to store things in shapesafely.

Furthermore, the housings have ergonomic handles for easy transport side and at the bottom a small legs that allow stacking together. Another interesting are the colors in which the boxes are available. 3 tones as different as the mocha, orange and green that can be used both in the different rooms of the home and in the office.

Plastic boxes can be your greatest allies in organizing the storage


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