Useful tips for storing toys

Do you still use the boxes to store toys ? Maybe it’;s time to upgrade your baby thoroughly and for a long time?

Useful tips for storing toys

It’;s no secret that today’;s “toy industry,” the present time offers a grand selection of merchandise from which dazzled not only for our young children, but also for ourselves – in adults. And of course, every parent tries to “his treasure” to buy as much as possible models of this Pestryaev “toy plenty.” That eventually leads to a complete “chaos” in the interiors of the children’;s rooms.

How to organize the storage of toys at home?

And in order to avoid this undesirable “toy clutter” should heed the advice of several uncomplicated storing toys .

One of the easiest and probably the most well-known methods are drawers for storing toys . However, in order to perform this method practical and, simultaneously, an aesthetic feature can all be sorted toy box specially manufactured interesting box. It’;s enough to stock up on ordinary cardboard boxes of various sizes, gift-wrapping paper, tape, duct tape and a little imagination.

Buckets for storing toys

Another “simple way” storage of toys, plastic buckets can be of various colors, and how they will be brighter, the better and more fun. Thus, the gain of the order of 5 such vederochek and fastened them together into a scanty pyramid. As a result, we store for toys such as: blocks, toy cars, stuffed animals, balls, designer and more.

Boxes for storing toys

As well, a good way is to become, storing toys in containers which, if desired, can be decorated with ribbons, ruffles, beads. These baskets can be purchased at hardware stores, in the department of “everything for the garden.” Moreover, this basket will not only be your practical helper, but also brings diversity in the interior of a modern nursery.

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Useful tips for storing toys


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