18 Red color in interior design

The red color in your interior

Interiors, where red is the main role, in fact, are quite rare. The challenge is to use red color in the room. By effort is only to professional designers who quite successfully cope with this difficult task.

18 Red color in interior design

The red color in the interior has its pluses and minuses. But if you have some skills, you can easily these disadvantages can be avoided.

If you long to be in the red room, there may come a little excitement or irritation. People with impaired nervous system can become quite irritable, nervous. If you use the color red to the extent, that such a course will give you positive energy and lift your spirits.

If we talk about the use of red color in the interior, here we are not talking about the red color in its pure form, but it’;s certain colors, such as pale pink, maroon, terracotta. For girls it is better suited pink color. For the living room is best to use a red-yellow color, but with a soft shade of red is more suitable to the offices .

Red, as it is known – a symbol of love and passion. Therefore, it is the ink is suitable for the bedroom . And if it has to spend time newlyweds, it’;s even better. Again here it is better not to use pure red color, but, for example, terracotta or brick. Accessorizing can serve as a red lamps and lampshades.

In the kitchen, the red does not hurt, but in combination with other colors – brown, cream. Also good is the combination of red and yellow. On the walls you can make patterns of red tiles or buy furniture that will have red elements. But keep in mind that excessive use of red in the kitchen can spoil the interior.

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18 Red color in interior design


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