22 Fireplace in the interior Design ideas

Currently raised fireplaces in the interior are popular not only in private houses or country cottages, but also in homes. After a fire in the hearth has always been considered a symbol of family well-being. But not everyone can have a fireplace with a furnace and the chimney, especially in a city apartment.

22 Fireplace in the interior Design ideas

Therefore, instead of the fireplace wishing can successfully use its imitation – false fireplace . These fireplaces can be used to heat the room or just a decorative feature.

Depending on the location of the fireplace can be a false wall, corner or false. It can be installed in the living room or the bedroom, in the office and even in the kitchen.

Raised fireplaces come in 3 types: reliable simulation of proportions and materials fireplace, conditional and symbolic imitation fireplace.

Credible imitation fireplace – is made ​​of plasterboard, plastered or wallpapered design with decorative portal.As a furnace in it can serve as an electric fire. He authentically mimics a burning hearth. The furnace has a depth of 40cm. Raised fireplace decorate the logs of wood, the bottom of the furnace lay pebbles, stones. Bio-fireplace – one more credible imitation fireplace 

Conventional fireplace imitation is issued in the form of a niche in the wall of the portal room. Depth niche – “furnace” – no more than 20cm. For decorative flue openings are using candles, candelabras, or fill it with wood.To insert a visual look deeper, you should paste over the side and back walls of the mirror tiles.

Create a symbolic imitation fireplace made of different materials. For example, it can be put out of planks held together by different species of trees and decorative trim for fireplace use candles, chandeliers, flowers. You can make drawing on the wall fireplace with wood burning in it.

When decorating your home for the holiday, before decorating fireplace, determine what color dominates the room and pick up in harmony with the color of accessories for the fireplace. In the New Year decorations for the fireplace you can find lime green, aqua or green – the colors of the Christmas tree. Garnish with raised-hearth can be a decorative vase with a bouquet of pine branches or twigs spread out on the mantel and hang them on the shiny toys.

For a festive decoration false fireplace, you can use a wreath of pine needles, angel figurine, stuffed toys, as well as chandelier with lit candles. The effect is enhanced if the candles will be reflected in a mirror hanging above the fireplace. Burning candles can be replaced with garlands of colored light bulbs.

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22 Fireplace in the interior Design ideas


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