27 Home library design ideas

How to equip a home library?

Typically,  a home library  and serves as a studio or, if the owner is working at home, home office. The dimensions of modern apartments allow, even if it is impossible to allocate a separate room with zoning or mobile partitions to separate necessary for this area.

Home library design ideas

Design a home library

Despite the proliferation of the Internet and electronic publications, books in the home are still welcome and a fixture of the home environment. As a rule, they are kept in the living room on the bookshelves. However, recently there has been an interior design pronounced tendency to create a separate apartment in the library.

The library in the house should settle subject to a number of nuances. They are due to the special requirements that apply to the storage of books in the house.

First, it is light. Books do not like the bright natural light. Bright sunlight causes the pages turn yellow and warp. It is therefore necessary to provide curtains, blinds and sources of local illumination.

Third, the focus in the regeneration of the library requires and furniture. The de facto standard is the existence of chair or sofa. If this room also serves as a home office, you need to take care of the easy to use desktop.Classics for library furniture is dark wood furniture and natural colors. Although you can find very good examples of the use of plastic and bright colors.

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27 Home library design ideas


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