Vintage plates with inscriptions in the interior designs

Vintage plates with inscriptions in the interior

People aspire to beauty and coziness. It is an immutable law of nature. These are, we are. Since ancient times, wherever there is a man, he always strive to make the place of his stay special and unique. Whether it is a new apartment or a new office, hotel room and even a hospital room. What to say about his own house – that’;s where all of us want to really express themselves. And here we come to the aid vintage plates with inscriptions .

Vintage plates with inscriptions in the interior designs

Vintage plates with inscriptions can be very different. They may contain slogans, parting words, greeters welcome. These signs are best placed in the hallway, in front of the entrance doors.

To the children’;s ideal graffiti. Every mother tries to keep in mind those first words funny or cute heart absurd phrases that eventually melts the cruise and combine it your family, making it stronger and more unique. You can pick up a nice font, printed on special paper, make a sticker. Child might very well and stick to the wall. The nearest repair this phrase will show off the baby in the nursery.

How to make a sign that says?

Does not make it difficult. On heavy paper or cardboard to write important words and draw outline in krasivenko.Frames can draw or paint pens, but you can do applique of croup, and then paint. Perfect for the kitchen.

The inscription can be done on the potholder for hot dishes. The letters can be embroidered or made from colored patches and sew (stick) – it will be unconventional and very original.

If vintage plaque with the inscription needed in the living room, then to decorate the frames you can use the materials at hand – buttons, tesemochkami, ribbons. Or natural materials – shells, stones, sand. Fantasy and love prompt the best solutions.

Create labels with the inscription is in your interior can be a special time for your family. Dedicate this a couple of evenings and pleasant memories will stay with you for years to come. And not only on a wall but also in each

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Vintage plates with inscriptions in the interior designs


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