Wallpaper with a large pattern

Wallpaper with a large pattern to use in the interior of many fear. However, the correct application of the active print wallpaper can make the interior a stylish and fun. The more so that the wallpaper will likely never go out of fashion. A professional-quality wallpapers sticked last you quite a long time.

Wallpaper with a large pattern

Wallpapers are a great design tool. You can use them in almost any environment: a living room, a nursery, bedroom, in the hallway, in the kitchen, in the lobby and even in the bathroom, not just for papering the walls. But I’;ll explain to you below.

So, let’;s look at a few options with the use of wallpaper patterns. You will find that it is not so difficult, there are several applications of large win-win pattern of wallpaper in the interior.

In the bathroom

If you have a bathroom and a large enough area with good ventilation, you can make beautiful wallpaper upper 2-thirds of the wall, while the lower one-third will be tiled. Wallpaper with floral pattern delicate shades blend perfectly with the natural texture of marble and bronze classic décor.

Accent Wall

Wallpapers with active patterns can be used on one of the walls of the room, which is designed to draw attention to the center of the composition, while the rest of the walls should be painted the same color. Drawing for bright wallpaper can choose according to your taste: geometric, floral or abstract. With this wall must coexist pair of neutral furniture. At the very same wall may look perfectly contrasting picture or a poster in a frame.

Accent wall would look great in a room with tiered seating ceiling. Wallpaper with ornament will create contrast and emphasize the architecture.

In the hallway

Wallpaper with patterns work well in the hallway and on a staircase. Bright wallpaper pattern can really bring life to the space that creates the first impression of the house. Given that in this space, you are not in a long time, you can apply the most daring choices.

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Wallpaper with a large pattern


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