Decor ideas for the home

Located in the same interior from day to day can be boring. But what do you do, do not change the same monthly furniture and repaint the wall every week? We offer you a few ideas for home decor, you can create this decor with their own hands , and that will quickly and inexpensively update the decor in any room.

The idea number 1. Add the colored spots in the interior

decor ideas for the home

No, no, not in the sense :) simply fill in the interior of the new colors by using techniques such as adding a win-win cushion. Then you and the freedom in the manifestation of some preferences to open the colors that you do not allow yourself to exercise during the painting of walls or furniture choices.

Idea number 2. Highlight any part of decoration items, raising the level above the rest of the environment
decor ideas for the home2

You can see an example in the photo – on the dressing table, where all the bottles are usually displayed in a row, some of the bubbles raised by a glass fruit bowl. Using this technique, interior immediately gains a third dimension.

You can use it as such: lift the tub on a stool with a flower, which you usually stands on the floor, or do an exhibition of decorative candles and placed them on pre-pasted over the technique of decoupage box.

Idea number three. Remember the exciting world of travel

decor ideas for the home3

especially if you have a lot of memories associated with them, or have specific dreams. You can make up in the form of a collage map of places you want to visit, or have already been.

And what if you do not like traveling? Then maybe you are a foodie? You can use instead with travel theme delicious food (especially when it comes to decorating the kitchen or dining room).

The idea of ​​number 4. Interesting design decision to make a decor element … process of your favorite hobby!

decor ideas for the home4
This kind of picture is itself a living part of the interior – as if the process of painting is itself, as we are for this peeper.

Does not that exciting? If you do not write scenery, but know how to knit – make a decor element spokes with the thing started and artistically laid out balls of wool – it will look just as good!

The idea of ​​number 5. Feel collector!

decor ideas for the home5

It can not be that you have in the house there was no such items that are similar in content, such as a pair of these tea with floral patterns! Yes, let it be at least the buttons of your sewing box! Most importantly – profitable to file object.

Highlight for this special shelf or any other flat surface and lay there the “jewels”. Maybe even if it is for a household will not mean anything – that your look will be nice to see a collection of expensive gizmos you.

Decor ideas for the home


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