Decorating with charm: stylized cups with bladder saw flower vases

f you love decorating and enjoy creating different objects, custom, you need to try this idea of ​​”do-it-yourself”. The suggestion is to create flower pots using things you probably have around the house and that cost little if you need to acquire.

To do this DIY, you will only need a few pots or cups (glass or acrylic) size and diameter of your choice, plus balloons in the colors you prefer and scissors. And, of course, flowers for decorating pots, which may be artificial or natural.

An important detail for success in doing this is to choose a different vessel bladder right according to the size of the pot or cup you will use. For glasses of normal width, which was an option in this tutorial, bladders were used neon color, number 10 to 28cm in diameter.

If the size of the bladder is not compatible with the container, you may not be able wraps it with her, as possibly tear and / or be very “thin”, leaving the little vase finished with low quality. So fear not, try the bladder in the glass before you buy the whole package.

How to bladder vase decorated with step-by-step

The first step of the process is cut just below the tip bladders used to fill them. This is essential to get put the bladder in the cup. Another suggestion is to stretch the bladder for quite LACEA it before trying to put them in the cup. Check out how they should be cut.

Decorating with charm01

The second step is the most important: open wide bladder with your hands and place the bottom of the balloon that the widest part at the bottom of the pot or cup. Let the flask snugly in the bottom part of the pot. Then go up the balloon to at least cover the mouth of the pot.

Decorating with charm02

It is essential to open the mouth by placing the bladder and not drop it while still covering the glass. It should be released only when it has covered the top of the cup. If you fail on the first try, do not despair. Try again with a lot of patience and dexterity.

Decorating with charm03

Then, the last step is to decorate the vases with flowers of your choice. In this tutorial, were placed fresh flowers in delicate colors, which contrasted and created a unique look to this decoration made at home. See the final result below.

Decorating with charm

How about trying this DIY and tell us how was the result? Leave your comments below and do not forget to share with your friends.


Decorating with charm: stylized cups with bladder saw flower vases


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