Bedroom Suite with Modern Type

This style bedroom suite modern develops in a clear floor in a spacious, attic, which were resolved with wit different zones and noted for their character, without neglecting the comfort and functionality.

It has managed to create a seating area that is completed by the toilet, wardrobes and an imprint that is defined by modern design elements, clean lines and classic hints that add elegance to the environment.

A large roof window is the point of illumination that floods with light a wealth of nature to the entire stay. The bedroom and bathroom are achieved in the same space merge, forming an aesthetic marked by sophistication and modern style. The attic room has the charm of a space with a structure irregular , the wooden roof that adds a stamp natural and welcoming, add walls brick, plus a wooden slat flooring that increase the cozy feel of this room.

The materials in this space defines different shades, and they also develop different sectors of the room.

In the rest area can see a wall of brick, one item featuring a rustic finish that adds warmth to the effect of providing wood. A half-height wall to ceiling is complete with glass, behind the bed, and that’;s where the shower is installed. With the presence of the crystal is achieved such transparency that allows light to sneak into the shower and that the texture of the walls can be fully appreciated.

The next area is part of a concrete wall, and uniform gray surface on which rests a washing. In front of her a bath becomes a free point of interest, it is a stylish model complete with a fitting also impressive. The large chandelier in the middle of these 2 areas is another point of attraction of the decor .

The toilet area commitment to minimalism , simple format table on which rest 2 sinks, and a mirror that goes on the top horizontal drawing. A set that stands out for the simplicity of form and uniformity of finish.

fad49  moderno bano

modern bathroom

fad49  dormitorio tipo suite

dorm type room

Bedroom Suite with Modern Type


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