Glass coffee tables

I want to show you a small selection of unusual glass coffee tables , suitable for modern interiors .

Glass coffee tables

1. the base for a coffee table Nest (Nest) from MacMaster Design used sticks of different lengths of square section of hardwood. They are randomly stacked, without any template, and rigidly fixed. The base resembling a bird’;s nest support of tempered glass countertop. Dimensions of the table can be changed according to customer requirements.

2. surface coffee table Expose from MacMaster Design is also made ​​of tempered glass. As podstolya original composition of the plates is composed of birch plywood and veneer. The plates are connected so as to provide 3 point support for the robust stability of the table.

3. glass coffee table Spiral (Spiral) by Cattelan Italia is the subject of decoration rather than a functional piece of furniture. However, on the surface you can put small objects such as a vase, a statue or a cup of coffee. Steel can be podstole with chrome or matte finish. The upper part of the table bent glass is transparent, matte or glossy black.

4. following unusual glass coffee table designer Seth Rolland (Seth Rolland) called Sprout (Sprout). Supports for it are made ​​of materials of natural numbers. Sprout – an interactive piece of furniture, as part of its base can be moved, compiled and arranged according to your personal aesthetic taste. This is reminiscent of the work of the landscape designer in the Japanese garden of stones. Each leg consists of 2 parts, like a young sprout, made ​​their way through the stone. The glass surface can order any size and shape, and can be purchased and additional support-shoots.

5. Coffee table Ant (ant) Oliver Nikolic (Oliver Nikolic) and the truth is shaped like an ant. Natural and simple design highlight the eco-friendly materials – wood and glass. The table has 2 table tops are located at different heights – this is especially useful for placing the coffee cups on one surface and the other object – to another. In the middle of the comfortably accommodate newspapers and magazines.

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Glass coffee tables


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