Renew a Straight with Color

This MOTION invites us to renew a ladder with color , an alternative ideal for adding personality to a spatial or bien para mejorar aspects of the elements that carry this be part of an internal current.

An old staircase that integrates a stay of the house could be totally transformed, to do this brings an idea to bet quite creative imagination, and especially to give a twist to the decor of a room.

In this case we have applied a colorful scheme to a conventional ladder, but it is through this colorful that acquires a special character element and u unique .

They have painted different steps are all pastel colors, while white is chosen to complete the structure of the staircase. The series of 4 colors is repeated until completing the tour and get an environment with a wink as the original as attractive.

2fca4  escalera original color

Renew a Straight with Color


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