Send wreath decoration do it yourself

83be6  schicke kranz dekoration beeren in rot und gelb

Send wreath decoration do it yourself

Since time immemorial, many people celebrate with wreaths. Already in ancient times the ring was a symbol of power and immortality. It symbolizes unity and perfection in many cultures. Here in Europe we like to decorate with wreaths. We hang them on the door or over the fireplace. Often they are a popular table or wall decoration. Today we have collected some nice rims for you. They are colorful and elegant , but at the same time are easy and quick to tinker. See for yourself!

Above you see a beautiful autumn wreath with Chinese lanterns and vines. He exudes so much joy and with its bright warm colors is a real eye-catcher.

Or you want a more subtle?

83be6  schicke kranz dekoration pistazien wei%C3%9Fe stumpenkerze

You can stick bright mini pumpkins on a straw wreath and fill in the blank space with pistachios or other nuts peeling. This simple wreath to fit almost any table decoration with elegant pillar candle in the middle.

Why not decorate your chairs with floral wreaths?

83be6  schicke kranz dekoration wei%C3%9Fe und gr%C3%BCne chrysanthemen

In this way you will be very pleasantly surprise your guests. Decorated with garland they are not so often seen. In this case, a magical chair decoration made ​​of white and green chrysanthemums was issued.

Are you in a completely natural product?

58d86  schicke kranz dekoration %C3%BCber dem kamin

How about a natural wreath of evergreen, herbs and berries over your fireplace. He looks very dignified and at the same time very simple. You can still plug in a few fragrant plants and pampered in this way your nose.

If you have old textiles and paper in abundance?

58d86  schicke kranz dekoration aus buntem papier

If so, then you choose such textile or paper pieces that are decorated in warm autumn colors and create such a fabulous wreath, like this in the picture above. You can cut the fabric into thin strips and wrap it with a wire to a store-bought straw ring.

Decorative wreath with photos


For a special, personal touch you can attach some photos of the wreath. So you will enjoy your favorite photos over a longer period and your friends and show guests.

Steel end perfection of nature

58d86  schicke kranz dekoration mit zapfen heilkr%C3%A4ugern und blumen

For a longer walk in the woods this time of year, you can collect almost anything for such a beautiful autumn wreath itself. Then you get a wire wreath from the market and a few chrysanthemums and off you go. The wreath above warms the senses and delight the heart. Colored leaves, herbs, flowers and pine cones are arranged with great care and taste in a perfect fusion of red, orange and yellow.

Do you like mini pumpkins?

58d86  schicke kranz dekoration gr%C3%BCne bl%C3%A4tter und minik%C3%BCrbisse

Nature is the best artist

58d86  schicke kranz dekoration rohrkolben eichenbl%C3%A4tter und beeren

Formal elegance with red carnations and pearls

58d86  schicke kranz dekoration rote nelken wei%C3%9Fe perlen

Heavenly Romance of cotton

58d86  schicke kranz dekoration baumwollb%C3%A4lle lila b%C3%A4nder

Evergreen on Orange

f8e28  schicke kranz dekoration immergr%C3%BCne pflanzen

For the true antique lovers

f8e28  schicke kranz dekoration eichbl%C3%A4tter und antike urne

Creative decorating with corn cobs and tree trunk bark

f8e28  schicke kranz dekoration kleine meiskolben

Blueberries can do wonders

f8e28  schicke kranz dekoration rote bl%C3%A4tter und johannisbeeren

Willow and moss with fresh ranunculus

f8e28  schicke kranz dekoration mit moos und rosa blumen

Vacation Memories

f8e28  schicke kranz dekoration mit seesternen

Hortensientraum in Purple and Pink

f8e28  schicke kranz dekoration mit violetten und lila hortensien

Spring-like in grass green, purple and yellow

f8e28  schicke kranz dekoration asiatische artemisia

Remarkable work of art from wool

9f349  schicke kranz dekoration aus stoff kreisen

From glamorous shiny beads

9f349  schicke kranz dekoration gl%C3%A4nzende perlen

Gold luster and genuine journal

9f349  schicke kranz dekoration aus kleinen zapfen

If you prefer to rectangular form ?

9f349  schicke kranz dekoration aus gr%C3%BCnen und braunen bl%C3%A4ttern und baumanh%C3%A4ngern

Tasty grapes and evergreen

9f349  schicke kranz dekoration mit trauben und immergr%C3%BCn

History elegance with branches and decorative birds

9f349  schicke kranz dekoration aus naturzweigen

Send wreath decoration do it yourself


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