The symmetrical layout of the living room

Starting to think about the interior design living room, you are sure, first of all, across a room layout issue. Of course, the options can be set, depending on your needs, the size of the room, its extra features and so on. In this article, I will prompt you to one simple but very popular idea-plan living room.The idea is symmetrical layout. And do not think it’;s necessarily banal and boring.

The symmetrical layout of the living room

Symmetry is translated from Greek as “proportionality”. In the classical art of symmetry – the symbol of perfection and order. In many cultures around the world is closely connected with the concept of harmony and beauty.

In every room there is a compositional focus: it can be a TV, fireplace and coffee table (depending on how often you plan to use in your living room). But with respect to the center and to build the track of your interior . In this way you will not only harmonize the space, but also clearly define the basic functionality of the room: cinema, space for a cozy getaway or for meeting friends, for example.

By selecting the axis of symmetry of their living room, position relative to its equivalent items. It may be shelving on both sides of the fireplace or sofa, between which the coffee table. Floor lamps or table lamps are also used in duplicate. Symmetrically placed windows and doors themselves point line on which items should be placed central living room.

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The symmetrical layout of the living room


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