Living and decorate – 20 rooms with unique decorative details

Living and decorate – The beauty lies in the details.

Very often, when it comes to interior design, we focus on the overall picture and forget the small details to pay more attention.

Actually, just press the little things most of our personality in the room. Today we emphasize the strength of the unique decorative details in interior design.

20 rooms with unique decorative details

b5688  wohnen und dekorieren bad tuch harmonisch farbig

Now think of your favorite things. Maybe you have a favorite mineral specimen from childhood. Or have dedicated themselves to the wall of an art design. Not overlook any important details like this!

The seats are very comfortable and the accessories for such a space and the art collections have a different function: well-designed collections and inspiring vignettes that make the difference. Look at the pictures below.

Unusual approaches

I personally love approaches that contribute to an unexpected effect in your room. I mean these details, which they drop with their peculiar characteristics from the clouds. What do you think about the style gallery wall below? This one has a monochromatic lookthrough the application reaches the same framework and materials.

Arts design at the wall

b5688  wohnen und dekorieren kunstwerke wand deko flur apartment

So you have the ar2rk uniform design, although one has to deal with many colors and looks.

Do you want more examples of walls in a gallery style? Here are some. Note the alternation between the images and the totally unusual details that ensures an abundant appearance?

The coffee table here has a mirror surface appearance. It is a work of the company’;s West Elm .

A prime example of wall decoration in the style gallery

b5688  wohnen und dekorieren kunstwerke wand deko flur wohnzimmer

Sometimes one uses the unexpected details to create color schemes within the repeats. Remember you have been added as the green and orange shades on a surprising way. One has to use art and flowers. The carpets and cushions also contribute to the striking color features of the room. [According to Jagoda Architecture ]

Orange color accents

b5688  wohnen und dekorieren kunstwerk wand deko sofa wohnzimmer

Now it is a bright and striking design in the area! In this neutral space, you can see how the intense color accents contribute to the expression of the personality of the owner. We have here hot pink pillows and stools. This meets the eye, and this also applies to the geometric carpet. One possible the floral arrangements not forget the dining table and the kitchen counter. [Image of Mel Curtis Photography for sound design & Cabinetry, Inc. ]

Repetitive color accents ensure harmony

b5688  wohnen und dekorieren kissen pflanze deko sofa wohnzimmer

There is hardly something unexpected as a gigantic plant in a flower pot as a centerpiece in a room. Actually, this room has a refreshing, industrial feel. The wide seats and the transparent room dividers create the character of an industrial space. But thanks to the comfortable details such as the decorative pillow feels like home [loud WXY Architecture + Urban Design .]

Enjoy the freshness of the plant world

b5688  wohnen und dekorieren kissen pflanze palme deko wohnzimmer

Never underestimate the importance of the collection of decorative pillows. But it does not stop there in the room below … You see a wallpaper with a forest view. This is an earthy background for the bright red accents. [According to Desire to Inspire ]

Cosiness, the home appreciates your cat

b5688  wohnen und dekorieren kissen katze wandtapete deko sofa wohnzimmer

The juxtaposition of different patterns is always a working method for the interesting design in interior design. In this living room we see cushions, seats and other decorative elements. The whole is crowned by this gorgeous picture on the wall. Here dominate the neutral shades, but it still does not lack variety. [According to Ian Stallings ]

Trendy – Mix different patterns!

b5688  wohnen und dekorieren kissen wand deko sofa wohnzimmer

Often it is the little things that make a big difference

Below we see chairs for the dining room with colored cushions. The scented candle in a similar shade of pink accents this color choice on a wonderful way. [According to Michelle Walker Architects via Houzz ]

Small pink details complement the complete picture

b5688  wohnen und dekorieren essbereich wohnzimmer offen blumen holz

Ah! The charm of the bistro kitchen! In the same way as the repetition of color contributes to a strong character in the space below, the repetition of the citrus fruit nuances and a fresh, delicious charisma makes at. [Image of Michael Partenio for Muse Interiors ]

The patches of yellow, orange and green are perfect for the otherwise crisp white room.

b5688  wohnen und dekorieren essbereich k%C3%BCche insel barhocker wei%C3%9F obst

Then there are those spaces that are alive from the combination of contrasting colors.

Here you can see an orange mixer and powder blue back wall. It has therefore not afraid to show personality. But the real stars are the images that appear on the wall and at the bar. What do you like most? Vielleich it is the raspberry-red seat which is perfectly complemented by the vibrant tropical leaves. [Loud Poolehaus Residential Design ]

Show personality!

b5688  wohnen und dekorieren essbereich k%C3%BCche halbinsel wei%C3%9F pastelfarbe

Many interesting plants decorate the room as UN8. This includes one Blü10 in a laterally-scale vases and hanging lamps. Modern art and Ball Chair serve as another visual focus.

In my opinion, it has found the perfect balance between strikingly colored elements and other large furnished in neutral Schatierungen objects. [According to J. Design Group ]

Beautiful bedroom with sea views

b5688  wohnen und dekorieren schlafzimmer fenster bodenhoch wei%C3%9F rot

The next room is a vision in emerald green for me dar. Besides the gorgeous accent wall, the room has more than lovely elements. These include the flanking side lights and leaning against the mirror. Additionally gorgeous hanging pictures on the wall above the bed.This reminds us that the real design then magic happens when you append this some special touches. [According to Diego Alejandro Design ]

Would you also stain a wall in your bedroom in Emerald?

e97c2  wohnen und dekorieren schlafzimmer bett spiegel gem%C3%A4lde

Design your space uniform with similar shapes and shades. For example, we can see below the painted bathroom accessories of the company West Elm . Other highlights are the white fuzzy flowers. Thanks to this, the space looks seamless and not crowded.

Rende color harmony and order in the bathroom

e97c2  wohnen und dekorieren bad fliesen regal vorhang gelb blumentopf

Decadent bath goods decorate the bathroom on the left side of the sink, but in general there is the clear look.

Striking vignettes

Now we come to the delicate part and put the power of striking detail; And I want to remind you to the following: more stuff does not necessarily mean more style!

Below we see the entrance of the shelf company West Elm . This was made ​​from mango wood. Here we see modern wall art, interesting greenery and a beautiful bowl to hide the key. This is everything a room needs!

Practical, stylish and simple – wooden shelf in the entrance hall

e97c2  wohnen und dekorieren kunstwerke wand deko flur praktisch

It still has plenty of room for the arrangement of the post and other things that need to be put down somewhere.

We have here a work of art, a stack of books, a colored vase and greenery. These are some of the most popular items for modern vignette. How do you arrange this is just as important as the content of the selection. Provide. Process for a fun and immerse yourself too much into the details Remember: You can always change the configuration! [According to Diego Alejandro Design ]

A work of art, a stack of books, a colored vase and greenery – is all you need!

e97c2  wohnen und dekorieren kunstwerk hell pflanze fenster b%C3%BCcher

Sometimes it creates a very small piece to add diversity to the vignette.

In the image below we see some gorgeous objects. It’;s about the mirror in the shape of a sun, to the purse, the topiary and the acrylic container with gems below! But the real geometric terrarium summarizes the eye! [Image of Cynthia Lynn Photography for Danielle Moss ]

Ask your favorite objects from!

e97c2  wohnen und dekorieren bonsai wand deko flur spiegel rahmen sonne

Do not forget to add interesting elements to your collection of decorative details.

Minerals are becoming more popular and you always admired. If you do not have a rock and not a business for minerals in your area, you can order on the Internet the following items.

A really elegant wall decoration from minerals

e97c2  wohnen und dekorieren kunstwerk wand deko kristalle

Search also architectural pieces. Below we see some examples of the company Restoration Hardware , which includes a wide range of wood models.

A quirky decoration on the wall

e97c2  wohnen und dekorieren kunstwerk wand deko figuren

Vignette in the baby or child will enliven the space, and instantly add as many playful accents. You can incorporate details such as art, vintage toys and classic letter blocks. They are quite bizarre. Make this magical. Make this color. You already understand what I mean, right? [Loud Ninainvorm ]

Nursery Inspiration

e97c2  wohnen und dekorieren kinderzimmer elefant love farbig

Now it’;s your turn! Maybe you had already integrated vignettes in the room and wanted to see how your style inscribed with the modern trends. Or maybe it’;s only now going on at your right. In both cases, I wish you much fun in your room decorated with vignettes!

Living and decorate – 20 rooms with unique decorative details


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