Modern color combination: Gold and White

22a26  650 1000 Oro y blanco 2

If you love white but you fear your neatness and coolness, there is a perfect way to use it without fear, with the color scheme very current : Gold and white , a classic that becomes reinterpreted. You will get to have a home white as wanted without sacrificing comfort thanks to the gold homely.

To do this I selected some pictures with different decorative styles, so you can get an idea of how it is. From classic and sophisticated styles to Nordic style so fashionable and vintage . Apply to walls, details, lamps even in lingerie, in certain areas of the house to get that nice and rustic touch that lacks the target.

22a26  650 1000 Oro y blanco 5
22a26  650 1000 Oro y blanco 3

Proof of this, of how perfect is this combination is spectacular Parisian apartment sophisticated and rustic touches at once , where we see all the walls and furniture colored white and lots of gold accents, such as mirrors , frames photo , apply and even some lingerie in gold.

Also sensed in The decorative must have for this Fall 2013 that gold and white is trend we saw gold in all kinds of lamps and vases, and found a lot of white in the household linen in blankets and carpets.

22a26  650 1000 Oro y blanco 4
1a773  650 1000 Oro y blanco 6

For those who need a little more life, yet gives them repair both white, or just want more comfort will find a good solution accompanying white and gold with a little wood on the floors or furniture, usually light or dark wood with hints rustic.

A perfect way to add comfort is with lamps, in this case suggest that they are finished in gold for the inside , so you create a very warm light, staining the white house and giving comfort to the environment. Have a nice size, the larger the better, and place a small distance to give more warmth. I recommend checking out this link where you’;ll find plenty of options How to Decorate With large format lamps .

1a773  650 1000 Oro y blanco 7
1a773  650 1000 Oro y blanco 8

You can use this color scheme in any room of the house, in the bathroom, as this beautiful combination of tile with your faucet, all in white gold and designed by Made a Mano for Laurence Pidgeon’;s house. Another way to add color and comfort to your home is on the table, put a golden cutlery, or some other detail, such as napkin West Elm or bowls to moles Precious Up in the Air Somewhere , all that makes this girl is pure beauty.

This combination is a classic sophistication and glamor that turns into something perfect for valentines day , perfect for a modern house current or classic décor advice applies to any decor, gold not abuse or parts baroque or minimal design objects, use it as you play, as a counterpoint, put a little in each space. It seems that everything points to the Deco style is just around the corner, with much gold, wood, simple lines and Arts and Crafts.

1a773  650 1000 Oro y blanco 1

Modern color combination: Gold and White


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