Vintage Style Interior – 10 rooms with a special retro touch

Vintage style has become so trendy lately that it should actually be called modern, is not it? Everywhere spoken of vintage style – in fashion, in hair styling and of course when it comes to interior design. Are you on vintage finds? I thought you might like to go back to the next flea market or antique dealer around the corner to visit?

Here we present you with 10 vintage-style room facilities that offer some great examples of how you can design with retro furniture and other Antiquitä10 your rooms.

Above you see the cozy living room of ceramic designerNina Van De Goor . The colorful décor is a combination of vintage objects and contemporary design. Original and even a bit whimsical gives the interior a vibrant celebration of her apartment and lets the guest feel like a curious child.

the iconic coat rack by Eames is in line with the wallpaper in soft pink

a5900  vintage style rosa tapete mit filigranen floralen mustern

The Vintage Style Interior below is the blogger of CandypopNatasha Denness. She herself calls her decorating style Modern retro. It is an unusual combination of original retro finds and contemporary Elemen8.

A trendy cushion with girl face was simply laid on a baroque armchairs

7cf3d  vintage style eleganter sessel mit vergoldenen ornamen8

Below you can see the incredible, eclectic living room furniture by Bram Damman. It is a mixture of futuristic and vintage furniture and home products. The green and blue shades soothe the senses and the warm orange and yellow shades provide a fresh and dynamic balancing.

Unusual comfort in vintage style

7cf3d  vintage style runder hochfloriger teppich in orange

The same interior style can also be found in the dining room, children

8eabb  vintage style gelbe originelle st%C3%BChle aus plastik

Vintage finds can also be jazzed up and transformed functional, as you can see in the picture below. This vintage chest of drawers is in the children’;s room at the home of musician Sherri Bemis. The old piece of furniture was painted with a delicious pink color and decorated with patterns of bees.

The retro table lamp has also got a strange lamp base – an old toy

8eabb  vintage style pinke kommode mit bienenmuster

Artistic and imaginative – the industrial-style stool was covered with burlap and an old scarf

88439  vintage style hollzstafelei und rahmen

Eclectic Vintage Style to admire

88439  vintage style paravent mit gemalten blumen und h%C3%A4ngelampen retro

Think retro interiors are designed with a modern touch only by professionals? Do not worry! This is not definitive.There are so many creative and original ideas to give your home yourself vintage flair. Here we share with you a: Transform old plates into wall art!

Color and decorate a few dishes to your own taste – Photo of Ilona Habben

88439  vintage style wandteller in blauen nuancen

And for dessert a delicious interior design of Jelio

5743e  vintage style cupcake hocker und rote sessel und couch

The designers of Jelio create imaginative pieces of furniture, clothing and decorations, the kids memories and tastefully combine a modern design. Popular designs are world famous sweets like gummy bears and the legendary cupcakes.

And you already think of your own interior? Are you also a fan of retro finds, or you are more into modern, minimalist style? Why not create a unique combination of both? Trust us and try the vintage style even at your home.

Vintage Style Interior – 10 rooms with a special retro touch


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