Meters Keys to Winning at Home

There are decorative and practical ideas, that allow us togain distance at home , in different rooms and betting on creativity, along with the ability to customize the settings.

I have some keys to monetize the square footage of some rooms in the home, integrating elements to achieve harmony in the decor, seize the forgotten corners, or those holes that go unnoticed, or, to give life to a space and to improve comfort.

– Recessed fixtures or appliances is a tailored solution perfect for small spaces , which adds a uniform aesthetic to an interior. Furniture and embedded systems offer a perfect alternative to maximize space and allow free surfaces.

Audio systems and current television present alternatives such as flat panel displays that allow install almost without subtracting space. They can be hung on walls or furniture like the front of a cabinet.

– We can get the most out of a small room, for example using the corners and corners of it. With furniture and even health, which in today’;s market are available in various models, materials, and formats.

A sink with a small counter, located on the corner of the bathroom, is an idea that fits perfectly with a stay close, or to integrate a toilet to a bedroom, without causing discomfort or difficult passes.

– To achieve a visually clean environment, even more if it comes to small spaces the order is a premise, you can hide areas of a room or details that are not very harmonious. As with the radiators, which can be covered with cubrerradiadores practical, and even have models that include shelves that will be a decorative element.

– Exploit the gaps between cabinets, the height of a room or the vertical space , are options that let you integrate from shelves, bookshelves, to furniture. Those who serve both to decorate and to form new storage areas, and therefore create interiors organized, attractive and stylish.

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Meters Keys to Winning at Home


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