Do it Yourself Crafts for Kids Traveling with Kids.

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Animals, traffic, airplanes, … all you will see on the tour has to sing Bingo! … And the prize … how about a chocolate on the next gas station ?

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Toca take the car and even children love to travel often during the journey just boring especially if they are long journeys. We know that many cars come equipped with DVD players and handheld consoles are good entertainment, but in the end all are married.

Liz, a blogger based in San Francisco and mother of a 5 year old, knows what we’;re talking about from your blog and proposes ideas you can do yourself (Do it yorself) so that you make the trip shorter and fun.

They are popular games to share, as this child bingo you can download and print from Sure you know how to play, but just in case you detailed instructions along with the download links. The reasons for the watercolor mode has drawn his sister Becca. They are really nice and incidentally our kids learn some English vocabulary Do not you think?

308ba  bingo infantil viaje

You only needed a colored construction paper for the cards and blank panels to trim and then go! When saving, Liz chose a muslin bag and so the game is complete and ready to sing Bingo! and discover how many things we can see on car trips.

Do it Yourself Crafts for Kids Traveling with Kids.


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