Adorable inspired beds in tents, caravans and tree houses

When I see such fantastic beds how are you I would have a few years younger to enjoy them in a child’;s bedroom. Thebunk inspired tree house you’;ve already seen before, but there are other variants as much or more inspiring than her.

The idea is that a child’;s room is more than a place to sleep, is also their playroom, so your decor should be designed not only for relaxation, but also to serve as the setting for your fun . Cheerful colors and fun shapeswould best fit into a child’;s bedroom.

2521f  kids playhouse beds from mathy by bols 3 thumb 630x378 21881

Besides the bed inspired treehouse in the catalog of Mathy by Bols find also other versions as the bed tent or trailer bed. Some of them have other benefits besides the originality of its design, functional advantages such as the fact of having a larger bed that can be extracted from the bottom.

Moreover, in general this type of beds come in inside more things besides the mattress. I mean, I usually include a small shelf , which will act as the bedside table or a storage area for a couple of books and personal and self enlightenment , for those who like to read a bit before bed .

b04dd  kids playhouse beds from mathy by bols 4 thumb 630x465 21883

No child’;s bedroom in which beds how are you not fit and we also have the option to choose them in different colors so they can be perfect in any room. There are options ranging from discrete tones and neutrals like whiteor brown, even the most daring as blue or red intense.

To complete the set we choose for the bedroom other elements that fit well with the style of the bed protagonist, for example the shelf with shaped tree reminiscent of the field and combines perfectly with any of the 3 models of bed.

b04dd  trundle bed children creatively closes private tent with light 4 modern style thumb 630x415 21620

But I say that these beds do not have to be something unique to the smallest of the house , well thought older also have the right to enjoy sleeping places with much charm. Depending on the color, for example, the bed tent can also be used for adults, at least the one seen in the photo on these lines is fitting into a larger space.

Perhaps the tree house or caravan to be passed over, but the shop style bed can be placed even on the terrace or on the porch of the house to be used as a day bed . In my course I would not mind changing from time to time to nap time, the couch for a bed like this.

Adorable inspired beds in tents, caravans and tree houses


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