Convertible space-saving furniture for the nursery

The nursery furniture can always be a challenge. Children grow up very quickly, so it is very difficult to predict what they will need next month or even next year. Here are some great tips for you, the parents of today’;s young people:

If your teenagers just stop to enjoy the songs of Katy Perry and begin to look like Marilyn Manson to dress, you can do the following: turn a desk into a bed, the bed hide behind the wall and a boy’;s room into a pajama party room . Transform
The Italian design company Clei  has specialized in this convertible, space-saving beds and desks, which as you can see, perfect suit any nursery.

Urban Interior – striking orange wall

Strong pink color

1 The contrast of the bright colors such as pink for neutral gray and white color scheme makes this bedroom look modern and playful, without being too garish.

Lustrous surfaces and bright colors

2 What appears to be an ordinary desk here, seamlessly shows a hidden-away bed.

The desk hidden under the bed

3 The uncovered wall bed is stable and comfortable, while the original desk is carefully hidden.

Girlish nursery design

4 A built-in shelf system lets this girl kids room look chic and practical.

Mounted a second single bed for a family guest

5 If this sleek, turquoise desk is converted into a bed, he transforms into an oasis for Pijama parties or guest room.

Not only practical but also ergonomics is this foldable design

6 Under the Murphy bed is the storage space and he I even bigger than it looks.

It is time to study – let your students prepare their homework!

7 The minimalist desk does not appear to have many components, but so can easily clean up the room.

Large orange squares jazz up the interior to urban

8 This imaginatively designed office area is colorful and bright, perfect for realizing the next brilliant idea.

Day – a desk

9 Shelves on rollers move freely, easily adapting and comfortable in the room.

And at night – comfy bed

10th Even better, you roll these shelves under the desk and you will get free space for the hidden bed. This modern home office now serves as a comfortable guest rooms.

Urban children’;s design – green-yellow color scheme

Soft dark gray carpet

Happy green hues

A furniture construction, only the one wall

Is not it time to learn?

Modular shelving system keeps your books

A contemporary loft bed with folding design

Large closets show transparent cabinet doors

   Girlish nursery design

Folding Cot

White background contrasts with the strong colors furniture

Several green hues freshen the interior

Bright orange color looks cheerful and playful

       The desk is hiding under the bed

Would you opt for such a device idea?

          Whimsical view of the mountains could be enjoyed from here



Convertible space-saving furniture for the nursery


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