Kitchen Decor: The best trends for this year

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house, because now families spend more time in it, whether preparing meals and sharing the best recipes on weekends. So why not have her beautiful and modern?For that, I leave this note with the trends this year to decorate and renovate your kitchen, with the help of interior designer Hilda Olivera.

fa924  decoracion cocina 10

Neutral tones on walls

The trend in kitchens decoration for 2013 is governed by the freshness of the environment, and creating a pleasant and neat. For this, every corner of the kitchen should be clear and lit, and the walls will do much of the work if they are painted in neutral tones.

White is the predominant color years ago on the walls of the kitchen, but gradually more intense tones began to take center stage. This year, we went back to basics and neutrals are the stars. Hilda told me:

But beware, besides white, gray is also very hard to decorate kitchens, but always giving warmth to the atmosphere.

Ambient light

If your kitchen has a window facing the street or into the backyard, lucky you! Use natural light that enters through it and distribute it throughout the kitchen. Definitely the walls in light colors also help a lot.

a65f9  decoracion cocina

But artificial light is also important, especially since we also spent time in the kitchen in the afternoon and evening. For proper placement of lighting and light sources, Hilda we recommend:

White light is the best for the kitchen, especially since this light is more delicate to sight, light in addition to achieving more space. The energy saving light bulbs are an excellent choice for smaller kitchens, and large kitchens fluorescent can dare or a pair of large lamps.

91a0c  decoracion cocina 1

Colored furniture

But beware, here it opt for furniture with modern lines, because vintage furniture forms would come to a littleshabby chic , and that’;s not what we’;re looking for. Select them in natural wood colors or white.

91a0c  decoracion cocina 2
81fdd  decoracion cocina 4

Kitchen Islands

If you have a kitchen, kitchen islands definitely are the big news for this year, and probably will not ever. They are very practical!

dc8d1  decoracion cocina 6

Take time to also decorate your kitchen island and not let “isolated” from the final decoration. Moreover, you can place a pair of lamps on them to take more prominence.

9d6ca  decoracion cocina 5

Moreover, if you already have a kitchen island but most do not use it, because if you have a kitchen island, you also have a lot more room around! – Why not make it a bar?Your family and friends will be delighted with the idea, since they can eat and have fun in the kitchen.

21ce7  decoracion cocina 7

Trend appliances for kitchen decor

As in all areas of the home, no decoration is complete without appliances. In this case, trends in kitchen decor suggest latest technology with simple, clean lines, and predominance of metallic silver.

f1acf  decoracion cocina 3

Kitchen recessed and hoods

The luxury kitchens represent recessed into the kitchen, besides being super handy if it comes to saving space.They are the ultimate in kitchen appliances, and the best thing is that prices are super competitive now.

Kitchens are no longer recessed exclusive luxury kitchens are now precisely what they can enhance a small kitchen. Accompanied by a good furnace and a bell, will be the focus of the decor.

a232c  decoracion cocina 8

The grease hoods are popular for some years, and in fact its popularity is because of elegance permeate the environment. Just between us, whenever I saw one in a kitchen, the hostess told me that 10iA “because it looked cute,” but do not forget the importance of having one.

The hoods absorbing fat while cooking food issues, and this prevents fat impregnated finish walls and ruin.Then, they are a very good investment that will result in not having to frequently tweak the color of the walls.

ca4d4  decoracion cocina 9

With these tips, your kitchen certainly prettier than ever, and note that these trends have APRA tao. Apply them now!

Kitchen Decor: The best trends for this year


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