Make a Corner House in the Terrace

This notion is extremely tempting for inviting us to create a cozy atmosphere outdoors. Nothing better than spending time in an area of the outside of the house , in a relaxed atmosphere and offers charming details.

In this case, it comes to decorating a small corner of a terrace , but also can extend the proposal to gardens, patios and balconies. They have gathered a few items and decorative accessories that create a nice corner where you can print personality and character to the space.

For one, was incorporated as the base a series of wooden crates, which may be recycled wine boxes, fruit and vegetables, for example, cleaned once may eventually paint of a color that harmonizes with the decorationspace.

On this surface, met little decorative touches, fresh flowers, a fundamental element to add freshness and cozy feel to the arrangement. Potted accompany an attractive design while the trick is to put the pieces together in one corner.

Finally, a few candles and lanterns of different formats and designs, add a touch of color and more texture to the composition. In addition to time to enjoy the terrace another trick to decorate, consists of adding a bucket, a bowl, a basket, or other container with fresh fruits, will become a feature that provides flavor and color to the environment, and is of course an invitation to enjoy their flavors.

0f2ca  ideas decorar5

ideas for decorating

0f2ca  decorar detalles terraza

details decorate the terrace

Make a Corner House in the Terrace


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