Decorative glass bottles: Recycle and renew your space!

If you like crafts, you probably have your house decorated with your own creations. Ornaments is that we do with our hands give the room a natural feel, fresh and sometimes rustic. If this is you, today I bring you an alternative novel and practical decoration: glass bottles .

Previously, I had seen decorations outdoor weddings orcountry style including glass jars and bottles as hanging ornaments cute, but definitely incorporate them into your home is to be one step ahead in decorating trends.

30660  decoracion botellas 14

Glass bottles are a widely used in wedding decorations outdoor


To decorate with glass bottles, anything goes! The thin beer or wine, whiskey wide as … and precisely because of the variety of shapes, sizes and colors of the bottles, you will always have a different option for each environment, such as the living room , bedroom, kitchen or even the bathroom or terrace .

b5e21  decoracion botellas

Thousands of shapes and colors and bottles for your decor


Note that there are bottles that require no extra decoration, for its unique shape, size or color and are interesting pieces that will bring joy to the environment.

b5e21  decoracion botellas 11

Saves all glass bottles that seem cute and unique


Decorative glass bottles: In pictures and innovative spaces

The bottles are blank canvases, where we can let our imagination filling them with a myriad of materials.Therefore, they are the perfect way to add a little color in small environments and monotonous.

a4d95  decoracion botellas 12

Fill the bottles with flowers, and not only look beautiful, but will have a nice scent


And if you want to have a more glamorous and romantic, why not fill your bottles with pretty lights? To do this, you will Christmas lights in one color, or multicolored. The procedure is very easy! You just have to accommodate the Christmas lights in a dark bottle-like beer. You can also make holes in the bottle so that the lights shine brighter.

39858  decoracion botellas 15

Liven up your environment with these bright glass bottles


One option that I found very innovative and minimalist was to conduct a kind of boxes with bottles , which frames our ar2rks are wooden boxes that no longer serve us.You can use the drawers of a cabinet and not like it, the boxes are stored fruits, or even build your own wood drawer tables.

Once you already have the drawer, next you find bottles that fit measure. My personal recommendation is that you use all bottles are the same size and shape. In this image, for example, used the bottles of fruit juices personal and filled with colored chalk powder , but can also fill them with colored stones. Something can go perfectly in your kitchen and fill it with light.

b8504  decoracion botellas 1

Choose colors that you like to fill bottles


And for the living or for the study of work , wooden crates used as a shelf, and accommodates bottles with unique shapes and colors. You will see, instantly, in your atmosphere like a rustic.

2ee68  decoracion botellas 8

Decoration with glass bottles with a rustic


Decorating with flowers and glass bottles

But if you’;re not very skilled with crafts, keep it simple and uses the bottles on their “naturally” and decorate with so there is never lost: flowers. I love the bottles thoroughly clean, and use sheers let the beauty of glass to contrast with the thousands of colors of flowers. You get a very delicate, natural and elegant. Choose your favorite flower and start decorating!

412b2  decoracion botellas 3

Decorate your glass bottles with flowers that you like


Among my favorite bottles for decoration are green glass bottles, which usually give a vintage touch to the environment.

243ab  decoracion botellas 2

Green glass bottles for a vintage atmosphere


These little “vases” for windows are made with personal bottles of Coca-Cola, you just have to color them with special paint, decorate peaks with halter and ready! Are perfect for your room.

77ab3  decoracion botellas 5

Small vases for windows and corners


Decoration with glass bottles outer

Fortunately, the options for decorating with glass bottles are not limited to rooms of your home, but you can also apply them in your garden, patio or backyard. To save space, why not make a cute and rustic realiiados hanging glass bottles?

7dacd  decoracion botellas 6

Use bottles of all shapes and sizes


You can use from ropes to secure the hanging wires, and you can place them both in the rafters or tree branches. Fill water bottles and will be the perfect vase to keep nice and cool your favorite flowers.

f31dc  decoracion botellas 9

If you prefer, use artificial flowers


And the idea of ​​the crates with bottles can also be applied to exterior. Build frames with wooden boards that can hold the weight of the glass bottles. Beam quietly holes in which can fit on one side, the peak and on the opposite base of the bottle. Arrange the bottles you see in the picture, and get some nice panels you can in your garden parties to divide rooms, for example.

282a7  decoracion botellas 4

Some tips for decorating with glass bottles

  • Before you start doing any craft for which I showed you in this post, remember to clean bottles thoroughly, inside and out.
  • If you find a bottle with unique shape and color, please save it and keep it in good condition for future decorations.
  • While decorating with glass bottles is cute and novel, reload your environment prevents them. Because they are a common motif, are designed to be small details that contribute boldly to the environment.

You encouraged you to prepare your own decor with glass bottles? Tell me, where will the be applying?

Decorative glass bottles: Recycle and renew your space!


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