Dining decoration 2013: get the latest trends and renew yours

Thinking of redecorating? Usually we focus on environments such as the living room or the kitchen andthe dining room a little neglect. In this post I will give you the best ideas for decorating dining rooms, which will encourage you to change this space Pay attention!

Decorate your room with modern furniture

The furnishings are part undoubtedly the structure of the environment, obviously with time many models of furniture are left unused. If you think it’;s time for a change, you’;re probably right, you can not imagine the countless models of furniture that you have at your disposal.Consider the photos to introduce you then to build a modern dining room.

  • First step: what color I choose?

27728  decoracion comedor 2

Sober colors and elegant, ideal for decorating your dining room


You must decide what color you want for the dining room furniture. Obviously chairs come into play with the table,but you can always get a carpenter to make the arrangements you want. wooden Thinking? believe that is as basic as you can combine it with everything. Although you have to consider the rest of the house and use a decoration that goes armonía.Recuerda that if your room is large, you can play with a strong color on the walls, but if small, or soft pastels used (white, cream, melon, green) to give a sense of spaciousness.

Most people, takes into account the basic colors likebrown, black and white and I honestly, I have nothing against that, but as in the previous fixture can camouflage a different color to highlight, in that case was the lamp.Also consider that you can complement your decor with a carpet as in the photo above. Find the color of this harmonizes with the dining set and the rest of the room, as in the example photo.

  • Second step “design”

57af9  decoracion comedor 3

Modern kitchen designs with corner cabinet type. Very modern and practical


There are many dining furniture designs, classics are perhaps those who have glass table with traditional chairs , but as you can see you can be more daring when decorating. This 2013 allows us to be bold and break with the classical model more board seats, as you can see in the photo above. It looks great, does not take away the elegance, quite the contrary, and especially the original looks you recommend!

You can appeal to the table model round, which is very traditional and elegant. It works if your family is not as large and if you do not usually get many dinner guests. A classic rectangular dining glass or wood is broader and equally elegant, depending on the model you choose. The discrete lines are contrived and styled as in the case of the vintage.

How to achieve an elegant dining room

If you to have several types of dining at home great! For example, a dining area (which is usually in the kitchen) and a visiting room, which is used when we organize egChristmas dinner and the family received. In this part I’;ll show you interesting tips for decorating elegant dining rooms.

2e57d  decoracion comedor 12

Stylish kitchen decoration, look at the detail of the lamps and curtains.They give that touch both looking chic


Let’;s start with the lighting, which is very important in the decoration, the dichroic, for example, are an excellent choice to illuminate a room elegantly. Can accommodate them in strategic places and obviously on top garnish with large spiders, as the previous photo. Also take into account that the centerpieces are a must on a glamorous dining.

e2312  decoracion comedor 6

Think of the appropriate table centerpiece. I love the detail of the mirror and the stalls!


The centerpieces are transcendental in the decoration, as you can see the dishes large pot style , look great. This can be used for daily for important occasions, such dinners. For these occasions you can think of a special arrangement with candles , for example. The dark wood color gives a lot of elegance. but you can play with contrasting colors, which as in the photo, it gives the stalls.

e2312  decoracion comedor 13

Centerpiece for a special occasion


In 2013, the vintage touches will again, in every fashion , so those old models of carved cedar and decorated with candles and chandeliers, will be the feeling in your room. Compleméntalo with shades of the same style and accessories such as antique vases. It will be sensational.

Lindas daily kitchens and family!

The journal kitchens have a particular charm, you must learn to lock in decorating the home environment.trends for this 2013 recommend the warm colors, small tables and shelves to help you sort of a simpler way.

0bb82  decoracion comedor 11

Elegant family dining! With wicker chairs looks great


I love this style, it lets you know that a dining room, daily family or need not lose elegance as you can tell. Although it is still very attractive and welcoming modern also went?

98502  decoracion comedor 14

Another model family dining Watch how this scenario puts starring dried flowers and vases I love!


What do I use as a table centerpiece?

THE centerpiece is important in daily eaters too. The main feature is that the extension of this table is lower and it is something much more intimate. Look, for example, the proposed dining area (photo above) Did you like?

To decorate your centerpiece this 2013, you can use vases, baskets, bowls areas, candles, accessories in glass, metal or glass if you decide to give a touch of elegance and shine. Remember spaces in harmony with the whole.

Hope that helps to redecorate your room, it is important that you consider the style of the house to preserve harmony, moreover Dare to innovate!

Dining decoration 2013: get the latest trends and renew yours


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