New trend in game room: The color orange is in

Choosing the right room for your home, not an easy task, as the designs and models are varied , you should be very clear about what you want. So in this post, I will give you many ideas of games room in orange color is in fashion!

A modern living room set for your home

There is a difference between antique furniture and modern furniture, antique furniture tend to have many more details that modern architecture has preferred to avoid in the new designs . The current trend isminimalist and has a lot of Asian influence, that is, less is more.

7e629  sala color naranja 7

Model of modern furniture for living


Modern designs are based on simplicity, fewer details are best seen. You can choose a patterned furniture or a whole color, although I feel that the prints and went out of fashion, now solid colors give you more possibility inbearings decoration s color scheme with the walls.

ff787  sala color naranja 8

Orange furniture for modern living

Large furniture are trendy, it is unusual to put many personal furniture, perhaps only one or at most 2.many large furniture more comfortable and also exhibit a better way.

Orange room walls count too!

As I mentioned earlier, in the decoration of a modern room, there are many factors that count, if you’;re thinking about the color orange, but prefer to paint the walls of this color and buy furniture of a different tone can do it!

The orange color is unusual stop light enters, thus the room will have a good lighting, perfect for visiting. It also takes into account the placement of accessories such as cushions and carpets.

92b22  sala color naranja 2

Combine the color of your walls’;ll love!


Many turn to the color combination you need indecorating your room with white color alternator. That I have done in my bedroom, for example, I love the color blue, but I realize that color has to darken a room, so I alternated white walls It was magnificent!

ae446  sala color naranja 3

The orange walls go well with brown furniture


As I said above, the strategic placement of accessorieshelps perfect and harmonious decor. I’;m not a fan of the prints, as mentioned before, but this is not a bad option. I suggest taking it into account if you like prints and want to give some color to your room.

How I can combine orange colors?

Many will wonder what color can combine orange Is it only with black and white? Let me tell you have many more choices than you can imagine, obviously more daring and fun but not daring Why more?

2a1ff  sala color naranja 4

Combination of orange sky went?


Not an option I would have taken into account one, definitely, but sometimes there are proposals that if you imagine it looks bad but after you see him armed and did not look so bad What do you think? Not a bad idea, I commented that the decor is very important cushions and pillows heavenly look that combines well with the pattern of puff.

8569b  sala color naranja 5

Orange with turquoise?? A modern combination!


Turquoise with orange, this combination is perfect for a beach house, for example, but there are many people who would take it into account when decorating your homeand do not see any problem. If you want a different roomthis is a great alternative!

Other colors you can combine this color , are gold, blue, white lead, yellow, cream, champagne, etc.. Dare for something different! I hope I helped in the decoration inyour room orange is the time to be creative!

New trend in game room: The color orange is in


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