Optimize heating – 5 steps how to improve one’s own heating system

Would you like to optimize your heating or do you think that is rather a superfluous matter?

Do you want your heating system fails on the coldest day of the year? Of course not! Some simple measures to reduce the risk in the fall before this incident.

1 Professional care

Most people do not have such advanced systems like the one pictured here. The older equipment should be regularly checked by professionals.

2 Vent the radiators and replace the filter

Many of the radiators work with water. Therefore, the air must be released from it of8. Take the device to heat up and leave this place, making sure that the circulation Pompe running.Open the valve flap and keep something close to catch the water.

In other way, when disposable air systems. How often you need to change the filter depends on the specific device. They should all have, or check 2 months to catch the right pace.

Upon replacing the filters, the furniture and the carpets removed so as not to pollute this

8a735  heizung optimieren traditionell in gelb orang und rot

3  Increase the effectiveness and save money

Invest in smart thermostats and appliances. You can know your daily rhythm and better heat accordingly.

So that you are always warm and you do not need heat

aff17  heizung optimieren schlichter plastikstuhl in rot

4  Keep moving

Hot air from the ceiling will come back down when the fan is on! Therefore, it can also be used on cold, wintry days.

Do you have a visible air duct system in the house?

aff17  heizung optimieren deckenventilator und ausgefallenen wandkunst

You can also increase their efficiency. Kanalmastix at the bond sites can be very helpful.

5  Think of the security

If the heating system is located under the ground, it is often the case that there are also many other items. Be careful that you avoid any risk of fire.

Around the heating system should there be a lot of free space, so that it works safely and properly

9821a  heizung optimieren kompliziertes heizungssystem

You need smoke and carbon monoxide detectors here. The best should these are next to the bedrooms on each floor.

If you have a fireplace? If he has only a decorative value, you close it, so that the hot air does not go away. If it works – you can make this clean by a professional.

We were able to assist you through this article be? I wish you a warm winter! But anyway, we hope you are now convinced that you should optimize your heating system?

Optimize heating – 5 steps how to improve one’s own heating system


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