White bedroom, a dream come true

Are you looking for the ideal decoration for your bedroom ? I bring a suggestion that I personally just fascinates me. The bedrooms are synonymous with white light, peace and freshness. But sometimes fear them a little, right?

4e309  dormitorio blanco1

How about all white bedroom?


On the one hand we believe it can be a bit boring (big mistake) and on the other it is hard to keep spotless . In the latter you may have a little bit of reason, but with some practice you will forget this detail.

All white bedroom

Yes, you can! Furniture, walls, carpets, flooring, bedding, small items … all white! I’;ll tell you how attractive this option: actually you will make a break with the outside to get to your room. It will be much easier to forget problems, traffic and concerns. Yes, here the order will be necessary . It makes sense that everything is blank if you leave your clothes lying or your office papers in a corner.

0faec  dormitorio blanco3

Choose all white and feel in paradise


For a romantic , get a canopy for your bed and hangs white curtains …!

It is also a nice alternative to the smallest bedroom .

506b5  dormitorio blanco5

A white decor for kids room.


Vintage white bedroom

It’;s easy to opt for the vintage trend if you chose white as the color for your bedroom. Remember those tables or comfortable with snub legs and some with gold accents?Vintage! So rescues antique furniture , give them a pass for white paint and have a beautiful bedroom.

a8e6e  dormitorio blanco2

The vintage style goes perfectly with a bedroom in white


I love the old Chifoniers ! Like photography, very high, 6 or 9 small drawers!

Bedroom white with splashes of color

The white being a neutral color gets along well with any other color. So you can include some notes of a stronger color to give it more life. One of the colors with which is fine, because it highlights that wave Pacificia and relaxing we need in this environment, is blue . Suffice with a picture, a cushion or a bench upholstered in blue! What do you think?

bf1d9  dormitorio blanco9

White with blue accents in your bedroom, dream combination!


The simplest option to give liveliness to white bedroom is to place a colored comforter or bedspread . Your favorites! Try some very strong as fuchsia, purple or green.These are the colors that are very fashionable in 2013 !

bf1d9  dormitorio blanco4

A quilt in vibrant color for your white bedroom


A little more color? Place a whole carpet in a color that matches the comforter.

The black and white are always an interesting optionbasically minimalist cut . My advice? Includes other color cake to not be as parameterization.

4d2fb  dormitorio blanco7

White and black are neutral colors that match minimalist décor.


White and beige in your bedroom

A combination that never goes out of style is the beige and white: elegant, understated and functional . Your furniture can be very clear in a wood, and your floor. The advantage of this mix is that will help you increase the temperature, I recommend it if you have little space.

85bb1  dormitorio blanco8

Beige and white, very classic!


Your bedding can also be cream or beige. This combination allows you to paint one or 2 walls (side) of a color a little darker without breaking harmony.

5ed0a  dormitorio blanco10

If you choose the beige and white for your room will make the space look larger


Something very similar happens with accompanying white gray if …

44ac1  dormitorio blanco6

White bedroom, a dream come true


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