Louis Ghost Chair Transparent

The Louis Ghost chair is a design that does not go unnoticed, however, attracts attention for its aesthetic light, transparency and establishing the game between the materials and forms.

It is a glamorous design that wears any contemporary interior . It is an iconic piece of furniture, the Louis Ghost chair is so named because its design was inspired by the classic Louis XV-style chairs.

The designer created this model is the renowned Philippe Starck , who has successfully managed to unite a classic design with a cutting edge imprint. This piece is adapted to different environments, especially modern spaces with a touch Nordic environments, and is special to add it to small spaces or rooms in which the furniture is looking complete without reloading the aesthetics of the environment. With this device, French designer plays with the concepts, reinterpreting a classic Louis XV armchair, which had the mark of the Baroque, providing a current material, retaining the sleek lines and soft but adding lightness and innovation.

It is manufactured in transparent polycarbonate , a material that imparts a vanguard to stay, plus it allows to increase the visual space, with a wink of style and elegance of a chair model original design.

The Ghost chair can be used in a dining room to match other furniture materials like wood, so playing with textures and complemented by the warmth of this material. It can be found in classrooms, businesses and offices in bedrooms and with it create multiple decorative compositions.

Besides the completely transparent polycarbonate version is presented in different color options that allow adapting them to different atmospheres and styles. You can complete your decor with pillows, to give a cozy feel and character to the whole.

41006  muebles de diseno

furniture design

41006  silla louis ghost

Louis Ghost chair

a49bf  ideas espacios pequenos5

ideas for small spaces

a49bf  material transparente

transparent material

Louis Ghost Chair Transparent


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