Bridal hairstyles with flowers for your perfect wedding

Bridal Hairstyles with Flowers – romantic as it can go? You do not need glitter and complicated wedding hairstyles to look festive and stunning. Dare to nature and take over one of the most beautiful, natural decorations that she has created for us all – the flowers.

In the past, brides have carried wreaths of flowers or delicate Blü10 inserted into the hair. In the 60s during the hippie movement flowers have played a major role in the hair-styling again. The women have their hair decorated with flowers as a symbol of divine beauty, freedom and innocence.

9065a  brautfrisuren mit blumen fischgr%C3%A4tenzopf mit filigranen deko rosen

Bridal Hairstyles with Flowers are a perfect alternative for those brides who do not wear veils or remove these after the wedding möch8. Of course you can also use artificial flowers for your hair decoration, they are even preferable, if you or your partner are allergic. The artificial flowers have the advantage that they are weatherproof and can also be worn on other occasions later.

With real flowers you should care a bit more. Let bera8 from your florist. You will find an incredible variety of flowers in different colors, shapes and sizes, but not all are perfect for your wedding hairstyle. To know, for example, orchids, frangipani, gardenias, peonies, lilies, daisies, freesia, gypsophila, Stephanotis and of course the queen of flowers – the rose.

543ac  brautfrisuren mit blumen geflochtener dutt

The basic principle in bridal hairstyles with flowers is – put a large Blü10 in simpler hairstyles or hair kept free from complicated and smaller hair styling. Otherwise there is the danger of creating an unbalanced wedding hairstyle that will leave you with no extra comfort.

Bridal Hairstyles with Flowers – Tips:

  • Before wearing, you should keep the flowers in the fridge so they stay fresh longer
  • Use hairspray and other hair products before put the flowers – Alcohol and chemical components disturb the delicate Blü10
  • For large Blü10 such as orchids, cut the stem about 2 inches short and with the help of a U-shaped hairpin attach the flower at the thickest part of the hair.
  • Small Blü10 as gypsophila be attached with beaded hairpins

Artificial flowers are beautiful and practical

543ac  brautfrisuren mit blumen dutt aus zopf mit lila deko blume

Glitter is in bridal hairstyles with flowers no taboo

543ac  brautfrisuren mit blumen glitzernden kunst blumen

Combine rhinestones and roses

543ac  brautfrisuren mit blumen glitzersteine und rosafarbene rosen

Natural elegance in white

543ac  brautfrisuren mit blumen blonde lange haare fischgr%C3%A4tenzopf

Princess Look

543ac  brautfrisuren mit blumen blond hochgesteckt mit locken

Even less can be more

543ac  brautfrisuren mit blumen hochgesteckt und lockig

Artificial flowers can look like real

543ac  brautfrisuren mit blumen k%C3%BCnstliche in beige

Masterfully woven in Dutt

d8e8f  brautfrisuren mit blumen feine z%C3%B6pfe in dutt

Exoticism in yellow


Natural Fresh flowers in pink and white

d8e8f  brautfrisuren mit blumen lockerer dutt und deko blume

Unique Retro

d8e8f  brautfrisuren mit blumen lockerer zopf und retro kleid

Almost as in a dream, right?


Spring-like in Purple

Colorful roses


Stylish wedding hairstyle

d8e8f  brautfrisuren mit blumen wei%C3%9Fe drachenwurze

An exotic Wickeldutt with orchids

d8e8f  brautfrisuren mit blumen wickeldutt mit orchideenkranz

Class outfit with pearls and fresh

And there is something for you? Did you enjoy this magical wedding hairstyles collection? We hope you had a lot of fun. I thought you might be now definitively opted for the bride hairstyles with flowers, right?

Bridal hairstyles with flowers for your perfect wedding


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