Wedding table decoration – wonderful decoration for a wedding inspired by nature hard

Yes, weddings are something that goes far beyond the personal event and today we are all about at wedding table decoration. But still you can draw from the smaller festive occasions a lot of inspiration and ideas for decorating.

You just have to adapt the well-known idea of ​​an appropriate budget and occasion.

Here we see pictures of a wedding, which was organized by Beth Helmstetter.

From this you can draw some inspiration for fall and winter

4b7d3  tischdeko hochzeit st%C3%BChle aus grobem holz

Louisa and John are down to earth people. You love nature.You want to make sure that the guests have never felt as comfortable as before.

It has been used many natural elements, such as a tree stump at the site of a plate for the cake, pine cones instead of table tents.

Many fresh herbs decorate the table also

4b7d3  tischdeko hochzeit vier st%C3%B6ckige torte auf baumstamm scheibe

The materials are also of great importance when it comes to the planning of an event. Furthermore, the napkins are a decorative element that people love and want to touch.

In this case one has opted for Russian materials in the form of wheat. The touch they feel very upscale and create a wonderful picture at the table.

Handmade paper lanterns adorns the top

4b7d3  tischdeko hochzeit windlichter mit spitze aus papier

As a welcome gift you choose ginger ale. The whole thing was accompanied by the sounds of the Spanish guitar group Cale.

Naturalness and ease

4b7d3  tischdeko hochzeit brautkorb aus holz mit moos bedeckt

Then one has to ensure that the guests feel like part of the party felt by all invited to group images.

Then you have all invited to the buffet, where everyone could taste the fresh and organic produce from local dealers

4b7d3  tischdeko hochzeit leckere gerichte

These included herb salmon and fresh peaches. Then the evening passed in conversation and a DJ played the favorite songs of the couple.

Organic drinks and treats

4b7d3  tischdeko hochzeit blech beh%C3%A4lter und glas mit honig

Wedding table decoration – at the end I will give you the tips, which has informed us of the wedding planner Beth Helmstetter enumerate:

  • Use birch vases filled with large white flowers and green herbs and some eye-catching.
  • Decide on a color palette in light beige or earthy green
  • Put an accent on the napkins with fresh herbs and even some plants from your backyard. White Blü10 are also very suitable.
  • Use cheap aluminum bucket, filled with ice. So you can show your beautiful bottles.
  • Great glasses, provided with the sign of the couple serve as a great vessel for serving a variety of beverages
  • Eating is all about the type of display! You could use a covered with grass tray for serving. For example, will really come into its own the scallopini.

A dream wedding for real nature lovers


Is available before a big party? Hopefully, you can use the tips from today’;s article – Wedding table decoration – implement. Here we wish you lots of fun and entertainment of course!

Wedding table decoration – wonderful decoration for a wedding inspired by nature hard


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