Leather furniture for your living room, all about patterns and colors

A couple of years ago had to decide what furniture to buy for my department . My room was completely cleared and wanted a modern but cozy at the same time.After all, the room is the room where we welcome our guests and I think we all want to feel comfortable and eager to return.

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So I began my visit by department stores and practically immediately, I fell in love about leather furniture in a color between red and strawberry describe. To this day I do not regret my purchase at all. In recent years, this material furniture  have become quite popular for several reasons. Fall in love, like me, of them!

White Leather Living Room

A loved color, especially in the latest proposals is white .It is a neutral color that also transmits tranquility and relaxation, in addition to the space amplitude. However, it requires more effort to decorate the entire room. In this case, it is preferable that the walls are also white and also look much better on a flat blank. If your floor is a different color, you can place a clear carpet.

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Definitely the perfect color to complement a white furniture is black , but also work earth colors. As you imagine the downside of using this color is that it gets dirty very fast, so care must be greater than any other.

Black leather for your living

One of the most common colors when it comes to leather furniture is black. Why? For many people has a unique elegant look , however, I personally do not convince me.I’;ll explain why I think that this color works if you try to office rooms, but it is a bit “hard” or “impersonal” in a living house.

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Now, it is a matter of taste, so the decision is in you. If you decide on this color I give some basic recommendations:

  • Choose bright colors in your decor to accompany the black and give the environment a lot more life. It can be red, turquoise, mustard or even white. These are quite personality colors and high contrast with the color black. Cushions, ornaments on side tables or center, lamps, rugs in these colors will be a good complement.

a9173  muebles cuero4

  • A good combination for black furniture, just to get that element of “home” you commented is mixed with a tribal style decor . Asian and African designs on carpets or ornaments perfectly compensated.

Leather in other colors for your room

Actually the leather has a very special flavor. So besides the black and white are the most common, you can find others who are beautiful. The chocolate, gray and beigereally like. Of course this also has to do with the quality of the leather, so 10 to choose it carefully. You can always opt for synthetic leather, but even with this you will notice that there are different qualities.

a9173  muebles cuero3

When you choose leather for your furniture, is waiting for it to last long, so it is preferable to make a good investment . The care is also important. In the market you will find several special lotions for cleaning and maintenance. They will look like new every time I want!, And this is certainly one of its greatest advantages.

On how your furniture

Basically you have to choose between 2 types of furniture: the modular and classic 3-2-1. ’;s modularbecame very fashionable in recent years, because they help you save space when it comes to smaller rooms. Are also quite modern and allow use as a reading room or even a guest who will spend the night at home.

7a63c  muebles cuero2

The classic 3-2-1 are easier to move in space so that let you do more changes whenever you want. Even if you want you can use one in another room.

7a63c  muebles cuero6

Maybe because you have decided on the leather in your living room, start by choosing the model that suits you better and color to your decor revolves around them as they are, without doubt, the main element . Best of luck!

Leather furniture for your living room, all about patterns and colors


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