Mexican decor: Innova in your room

How many of us have not seen a soap opera “made in Mexico”? Personally, I must say that I have always paid more attention to the stage and decoration. Is that the old manors and in which the story unfolds are so cute! From the colors to the vases, I’;m in love with this style of decor so full of life.

50242  telenovela mexicana

I am undertaking the arduous task of redecorating my house, as long I have the furniture in the same place and the walls and curtains, with the same tone as that already made ​​me decide it was time to change. So, after researching on the latest trends, I decided to decorate my room with this style, which is so popular around the world.

And this is precisely why I write this post to tell you about my experience and share it, because insurance is a style that you want for your home. It has a lot of joy, color and contrast, ideal for playing with lights and shadows of the room and give it that lovely, traditional, but modern at the same time you’;re looking for.

Start by defining the Mexican decorating style which is generally colorful, warm, traditional, with many devices, edgings and details that reflect cultural pride .Moreover, history is so rich that Mexico adds to the decor traditional Aztec and colonial elements. to enrich my note with an expert opinion and incidentally, to advise me best to decorate my own room, I sought professional advice from my friend Patricia Marquez, professional interior decorator and specialist in styles and trends for homes and offices, and Maria del Carmen Delfino, a professor of Toulouse Lautrec , who gave me all the basic tips for a Mexican-style room, which I will share with you throughout this post.

Mexican Style: It’;s a matter of colors and materials

The Mexican style is not a matter of chance or gambling, in fact, the colors that identify the Mexican style are also fuchsia-called Mexican pink, blue, yellow, and green.Earthy colors like terracotta, neutral tones and full range of browns are balancing these colors so vibrant. With them in your living evocarás the desert territories as characteristic of Texas or Tijuana. In addition, earth tones bring warmth to the environment.

Patricia Marquez, endorsed the above lines back and added the following:

The Mexican style, like that of American Hispanic cultures, have this tendency to show a lot of color, enough strength and presence and well marked contrasts, for example, the vivid blue with fuchsia or green and yellow. It is definitely a good choice of decoration in rooms, both spacious and smaller. His cheerful and vibrant trend will give much life to a room or living room.

As for materials, the essence of this style is in everything we get closer to nature . If you plan to include flowers in your room, looking more colorful flowers. And if you are not convinced by the idea of including colorful flowers, a good cactus at the entrance will make the difference. But beware, only one, do not want to turn your living room into a museum.

Mexican style furniture

Toulouse Lautrec The professor tells us about it:

A typical Mexican room must respect the big and heavy furniture, plus decorative elements, no matter how many
hats, blankets, blankets, utensils of clay, stone, wood, some religious objects, an object pre-Hispanic ceramics,  stained glass, iron manufacture, etc..

In that sense, the furniture that best rescue the Mexican sense are of 2 trends:

The first is the dating of the days when the Spanish conquest brings traditions and customs which then amalgamated with those of the Aztec peoples . As a result, furniture has a strong colonial feel, but with typical regional patterns. These are the ones we see most often on farms and ranches.

50242  muebles mexicanos

The other trend is clearly rescuing Mexican traditions, withrustic furniture made ​​of thatch , for example. Many say that this furniture can be used in the backyard or on the terrace, but it is very interesting and cute Cando get them into the decor of the room.

81d75  muebles tradicionales mexicanos

The trunks are one of functional furniture that best completes the Mexican style in the room. If an ordinary room you put a futon in your room you can place a trunk Mexican.

Patricia us further recommends getting us colonial style furniture , “like those wooden chests, dressers and cabinets meticulously carved and carved, chests and bedside tables in cedar or pine, are gorgeous and perfect complement with the colors you’;re going to put to curtains or tablecloths. ”

Mexican Style walls

You must make the most of the decoration on the walls, as tremendous space can serve to incorporate elements characteristic of culture. In addition to the warm colors, crafts are a great option to decorate entire walls.

81d75  paredes estilo mexicano

Antiques and crafts, incorporate them into the decor!

And antiques, I mean the vintage style . Actually, you can not have a room decorated in Mexican style without a hint of Mexican tradition. I know it looks nice you incorporate skulls-that hint to Day of the Dead as celebrated in Mexico-or fill your room cacti cute but there are objects that carry Mexican sentiment pervaded.

afd84  artesanias mexicanas

Where do I apply the Mexican style?

As I said above, the Mexican novels are one of the best guides to mimic this style of decoration, especially those that are set in the large farms and ranches on the outskirts of the city . However, the Mexican style also can be incorporated into a town house, and keep a modern urban style. It’;s all the key elements to create a Mexican atmosphere.

In this case, I focused on permeate this style in my living room. The recommendations to do so, in the first instance, are very basic. No matter the size of your room, this trend is perfectly suited to environments large or small rooms .

  • Mexican style decoration for large rooms

One of the Mexican style is that it brings many things in the same space. So if you have the opportunity to visit a Mexican hacienda or ranch, you can see how the walls are full of pictures, paintings and ceramics.

afd84  artesanias paredes mexico

Another factor which is very cute decorating Mexican style in a large room is color. The color of the walls plays an important role when looking for warmth.

1a34b  estilo mexicano sala grande

  • Mexican style decoration for small spaces

If your living room is very small or low light, no problem, you can still apply Mexican decor without the space is reduced or darken. It’;s a matter of being strategic and leverage the space you have to place key elements without saturating the environment.  Adding traditional blankets or small crafts Aztecs, will suffice. I, for example, I chose to buy those big straw baskets, vases and a pair of red ocher and Indian for corners. And it was great!

1a34b  tejidos mexicanos

Additional materials to be used should be  light and transparent as glass and soft-colored textiles .

7cf15  tejidos de mexico

Patricia Marquez advised that we can use ornaments such as chests, portraits framed in silver or gold, or ceramics such nineteenth century are perfect complements and they are not as invasive for small spaces.

Cushions, rugs and paintings can also be achieved for decorating Mexican style room without absorbing too much space. objects with materials such as iron, silver, or bronze scattered around the house, with a couple of cushions and tablecloths or room will be regal.

Meanwhile, Maria del Carmen Delfino gave me timely advice for our room has the Mexican style:

We can not mix the Mexican style is essentially rustic, for example, materials such as stainless steel that we mark a  High Tech style Let us also avoid using European styles in textiles, furniture and others.

Also, remember that the choice of colors is going to be another critical issue in small environments. The rule for any small room is always decide on light colors on the walls .

7cf15  estilo mexicano sala pequena

In sum, the Mexican style is ideal for your home , especially if you love this look full of life and color.Following the advice I have given and properly combining the color of the blankets and rugs with furniture and room decorations, your stay will be very traditional and modern at the same time. And you will impress everyone!

Mexican decor: Innova in your room


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