The colorful knit poufs giant’s house cotó

The giant is knitted crochet trend, blankets, sweaters, bags, carpets, wool, leather, hemp, cotton, anything goes for you and your home. Perfect pair of Nordic style apartment or a country house, but in my opinion is good everywhere.Today I present today a great addition to home decor, an ideal accessory for young and old, the colorful giant knitted poufs The cotó house .

The house The house cotó has specialized in this maxipunto as organic rustic look and has been updated to the decorative needs of the moment, creating a collection of poufs with a wide range of colors , from fluorescent tones range land-based natural , drawings and vivid colors, not to mention pastels and neutral tones.

23775  650 1000 pufs punto La casa de coto 2b

8ded2  650 1000 pufs punto La casa de coto 10

The cotó house apart from the poufs and ottomans also offers other home accessories made ​​from this maxipunto so fashionable, rugs, pillows and blankets , all with a style influenced by the North African craftsmanship and unique lifestyle Africa.

The company name ”House of box” literally means “House of Cotton” , which as its name suggests, is a studio / workshop where parts are woven by hand in her studio / house located in Barcelona and are made ​​of cotton, so that production is small but exclusive.

8ded2  650 1000 pufs punto La casa de coto 6
8ded2  650 1000 pufs punto La casa de coto 7 3

The collection of land and natural tones is perfect for a cozy touch to your home, you may be perfectly in the list of accessories gives a rustic, natural and homely to return home after the holiday and to the garden or terrace.

The ottomans in shades of black, gray or white would be ideal for Scandinavian decor as Cozy apartment in black and white that we saw a few days ago . And the pastels, creams and grays are coupled perfectly with the rustic style vintage , giving a feminine touch to your rustic home.Although most models are smooth have a couple of designs with a star in the center that are a delight.

8ded2  650 1000 pufs punto La casa de coto 14
8ded2  650 1000 pufs punto La casa de coto 4

This accessory is one of the favorite parts of children , walk all day lying around and rolling with whatever they find, what better to do with these beautiful cotton puff, I’;ll love and brighten your bedroom.

The color palette cotó The house is perfect for children, there are to choose from, from cakes for baby bedroom bright colors for intermediate ages , and colors but more serious for older children. Fear not that dirty as the sheath is removed crochet cotton and can be hand washed in warm water with a mild detergent and let dry flat.

a3165  650 1000 pufs punto La casa de coto 15
a3165  650 1000 pufs punto La casa de coto 8

They have different sizes , I do not know exactly how much they have, at least there are 3 formats and prices range between 40 and 70 Euros, shipping costs aside, the house itself recommended that buy them without the filling to shipping costs not rise, you’;ll find all the pieces in the Etsy Online Store , here I leave the link.

Do not hesitate and go for it with a small accessory like this will give a personal touch, more natural and original to your home , if you choose colors black, white or fluorescent get a more modern and Nordic skiing, and if you decide on and pale gray tones get a nice rustic lookvintage .

a3165  650 1000 pufs punto La casa de coto 11

The colorful knit poufs giant’s house cotó


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